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Yeah, hi, folks,I'm happy to make a series

of announcements today,I'll try and keep it as clear as I can

and also as concise as I can,because there's one or two links in here,

which I'll also be displaying up on thescreen so you can see them more easily.

The first thing to say is that if you've

not yet got insideBrilliantio Silver Lifetime membership

for a minimum of one dollar,now is the time to jump in.

There's basically,as you can see from the clock here,

there's four days, 14 hours, 26 minutesand 15 seconds left for you to do that.

And if you don't take advantage of this

and you try entering the the link,you try entering the site after Sunday,

it's basically a Sunday,midnight U.K. time.

What will happen is you're going to besent to a cart, which is

a one dollar trial, and thenseventeen dollars a month.

So basically thispay what you want deal is only going to be

valid for another four days, 14 hours,25 minutes and now 45 seconds.

So if you want to jump on that and I

strongly suggest you do,if you have any interest in making online

courses or if you have any interestin actually improving as a storyteller,

go to Brilliantio dot com forwardslash launch and do it right now.

Because as I say,after the second of August,

which is Sunday, midnight U.K. time,this deal will be gone.

And it ain't ever coming back becausehonestly, it really is a crazy deal.

Now, when you go to that link,

what will happen is you'llcome onto a page like this.

Obviously, you just enter your name

and email address,basic information, agree the terms.

That's basically membership site terms.

And and then you choose the amount you

want to pay me for that membershipin this box here.

And honestly, you know,there's no hard feelings if you pay

a dollar, if you feel like paying more,if you feel it's worth more and you know

you're happy to pay that,I'd be very, very grateful.

Some people have been extremely generous.

But I do understand that not everyoneis in a position to be generous.

So whatever feels right to youand it's possible for you.

Yeah.So that's basically the pay what you want.

But as I say, four days only left now.

So do jump on that ifyou're going to go for it.

Second thing to say isthat Courseathon is opening up again.

Now, those who have done Courseathonin the past know that it's hard work,

but also quite a lot of funand also highly effective.

What I'm doing with Future Courseathon is

I'm actually going to limit the the amountof tasks that we do per Courseathon.

So in the August Courseathon,which is coming up in five days and two

hours time, 41 minutes and 24 seconds,23 seconds of sounding a bit like

an android right in the August Courseathonwhat we're going to do.

Sorry I'll get rid of my littlebreak timer there.

What we're going to do is toconstrain it only to curriculum design.

So the idea will be that in under five

days you ideate and design the curriculumfor your course as the challenge.

OK, that is the Courseathon challenge

and we will do that in inthe space of five days.

So basically in under a week.The early the earlier Courseathons were

basically to make the entire courseand to do it in under a month.

But the problem with that honestly

is it's a huge ask for people to doto stay focused for, you know,

for a month and to go through allof the steps to make an online course.

And frankly, also, I'm not sure it serves

the membership very wellto run it that way.

So therefore, what I'm going to do is

simply to make Courseathon specific to onekey area or skill set of online course

making, but nonetheless,which will be very, very useful.

So this coming Courseathon,

which starts again on the 2nd of August,a lot happening on Sunday,

is basically is now open for youto register into and to take part in.

Now, even if you're inside the membership

site already, even if you're alreadyyourself a member,

please do go ahead and registerfor the Courseathon, because that makes it

easier for me to send you out the dailyemails through the challenge to actually

keep you focused and keepeverything on track.

And so to join that,basically you go to Brilliantio,

don't come forward slashjoin hyphen Courseathon.

I'll go again Brilliantio dot comforward slash join hyphen Courseathon.

And that will put youon the August Courseathon list.

And then basically you'll be getting

emails out from that to to glue youto that challenge, which starts on Sunday,

2nd of August and willfinish a week later.

By the end of the week,

you will have indicated and and designedand you'll have a really great curriculum

that you could use in your nextonline course that you're making.

OK, so those are two big announcements.

Now, the third announcement is that I'm

opening up the affiliate programfor Brilliantio for Silver Level Member.

Now, the way this works, basically,anyone can become an affiliate.

I mean, I will check you out and make sure

that you're ethical and everythingelse before I finally approve you.

But basically what you do is you go

to Brilliantio dot com forwardand I just get the link.Silver Hyphen partner.

I put I will put this upon the on on this video.

So it's Brilliantio dot comfor silver hyphen partner.

And that will bring you justignore this link up there for now.

That will bring you to the affiliatesign up page the partner sign up page.

You sign up and register here if youdon't have a ThriveCart account.

And what will happen is it'll take you

through the steps to actuallyget your affiliate links.

Now, what I've done is I've actuallyset up two links.

One is into the Courseathon.

So in other words, you could actuallyrefer people into Courseathon.

And if subsequently they then joinmembership, you then get 50 percent

of their membership fee until for aslong as they're paying to be a member.

And the other link I'm putting

for affiliates is to send to this salespage, which is the one dollar trial page.

This is the page that will be active,in fact, now.

But for everyone, this will be activefrom from Sunday of this week.

So from the 2nd of August,

no one is going to join Brilliantiofor less than the amount on this page,

which is a one dollar trial for 14 daysand then 17 dollars a month,

which is a discounted paymentoff the normal forty seven.

So seventeen dollars a month basicallyfor their monthly membership.

OK, and if someone signs up through youraffiliate link into this,

then what will happen is that you will get50 percent of that seventeen dollars every

month for as long as theypay their membership.

OK, so there's basically two points

of entry you can send people to asa Brilliantio affiliate at this stage.

One is into the Courseathon,which is the five day trial.

And then I will then be inviting people

who are not members but who arein Courseathon to actually join.

So for membership or the other would beto send them to this sales page,

which is the which is the selfa membership on the one dollar trial

and then the discountedmonthly membership after that.

OK, so that's basically how this works.

So I will put all these links upin in this video so hopefully you can

write them down and usethem as you go along.

If you do want to refer people,I would suggest that you actually do use

the you know, you do become an affiliateand refer people through the affiliate

system, because that way,if they do become paying members down

the line, you know, you are at leastgetting the benefit of that.

Yeah.If you wish in the next four days.

So we've got another four days,14 hours, 19 minutes and six seconds.

If you wish to send people directinto this, pay what you want.

Deal, I'm not running an affiliate systemon this, probably for obvious reasons.

And so therefore you could just give themthis link if you simply want them to pay

the lowest possible price for membership,which at this stage is one dollar.


And so you would send them to Brilliantiodot com forward slash launch,

but otherwise I would suggest youbasically sign up as a partner,

which is Brilliantio dot com forwardslash silver hyphen partner.

Look, I hope that all made sense.

That's basically how things areset up for the next week or two.

And, you know, if you want to jumpon the Courseathon do register for that.

It's going to be a lot of fun.

And and I think it will be maybe a biteasier and more fun than some of the past

Courseathon, because the actual mission,the challenge is actually really quite

constrained and it'sconstrained in under a week.

Okay, well, look, I can't speak soon by.