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Sonoma County, California


For over a decade, Kathleen Aspenns has been helping her clients overcome challenges, heal from traumatic experiences, and find a greater sense of connection to themselves and to Nature. She is a Nature Intuitive and practices Flower Essence Therapy specializing in women and their beloved animal companions. Her ability to listen deeply and compassionately, and to select precisely the right flower essences, helps each client feel fully supported as she takes the next step in her journey of healing and personal evolution.

Kathleen has developed her own line of flower essences, the Flora of Asia. Many of these plants have been used for thousands of years as herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are available now for the first time as flower essences. You can reach Kathleen at [email protected] , learn more about flower essences at floraofasia.com, and tune into TheFlowerEssencePodcast.com wherever you listen to podcasts.