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Founded by documentary film director Paul Jenkins, the Brilliantio team has decades of top level experience in broadcast media, online platforms and education.

Location Filming

We have extensive experience in location filming and getting the very best out of participants, interviewees and actors. The success of such videos lies in the way in which we plan, produce and edit them. It's a careful storytelling and visual process developed over decades of work on dozens of productions around the world.

Promo and Explainer Videos

Videos made using stock footage and music, or animations, can serve excellently the needs of those communicating online or via social media. The key to success lies in the creativity and editing that underpin the videos. This is why we set up Promo Video Club for agencies, companies and organisations.

Online Video Courses

The growth of online education for internal and external communication is staggering. With more than 24,000 students worldwide, we have substantial experience in online video course instruction, design, production and consultancy.

Narration and Voiceover

A great narration or voiceover makes a world of difference to a film, audiobook or advertorial. We produce and consult in this area, and also offer it as an add-on service to our video productions.

Filmmaker Consultancy

We encourage up and coming filmmakers to work with us to develop their stories and style. In particular, we focus on developing a sense of structure in scripts and visual storytelling, and a creative approach to finding each filmmaker's unique 'voice.'

Livestreaming Conferences

We bring a unique set of editorial, storytelling, technical and platform skills and technology to bear to turn your event or conference into a virtual summit that can greatly enhance your audience and reach.

Engagement Matters

Whatever your purpose, it's not enough to simply attract an audience. You have to engage them. Audiovisual content does this like no other.

Video Strategy Call: +44 208 123 5010

In a 30-minute call with you, we'll work out your priorities concerning the video or audiovisual you need. We'll help you determine the best and most cost effective approach, and will follow up with a proposal outlining our solution.

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