the Myth, Magic and mystery of Storytelling

There is nothing more important than the stories we tell others, and the stories we tell ourselves. What matters is the way we tell those stories.

Brilliantio is a unique community and membership that fosters the art, craft and appreciation of great storytelling. We run the Academy for Story Magicians!



We believe in introducing the joys of storytelling to everyone. We provide as much free information and advice as possible to our community. This includes free live sessions with highly qualified instructor-guides.

To fairly recompense our instructors and extend the learning experience, we offer paid courses and a membership. Members have access to regular live networking events, coaching and a growing library of online courses and programs.

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An Amazing Community

We're not ashamed to shout it - we have an AMAZING community of artists, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, fact, why are we listing them? Just join and discover! Now!

Free courses

As soon as you join, you'll get The Story Course - taught be Brilliantio's founder Paul Jenkins. Paul was a documentary film director for 30 years. He swears that red stuff running theough his veins is actullay narrative juice.

Free live events

As far as possible, we stage live events for our community. Much more fun, and much more engaging than offline learning (though we do a lot of that also!) In any given week you'll find our instructors taking you through the myriad of storytelling crafts.

Storytelling tips

Sometimes, a tip is what you need to spark imagination, set a course or solve a problem. We provide our community with regular tips and tricks (elementary magic) via our weekly newsletter.

Storytelling Surprises

If we told you what's wouldn’t be a surprise, would it now?


Allow us a moment of philosophy. Mystery underpins the Great Story that surrounds us and drives our lives. It's never-ending. This is why every great storyteller cultivates it. Allow us to help you do the same.

Paul Jenkins


Sue Moseley

Managing Partner

The Ministry of Magic

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