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Hi, we are Paul Jenkins and Valerie Forgeard – co-founders of Brilliantio

We founded Brilliantio as a publisher and hub for Ideas That Matter…

Paul Jenkins
Paul jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Paul has been directing documentary films, writing, and narrating since 1999. He now teaches these skills to more than 65,000 people online. For his full profile, you’re welcome to check his LinkedIn page.

Valerie Forgeard
Valerie forgeard

Valerie Forgeard

Valerie (artist’s name Valerie Won Lee) founded World Citizen Artists, dedicated to promoting humanitarian awareness through art and music. As a veteran traveler, she loves to immerse herself in different cultures and share her experiences here on Brilliantio.

Ideas That Matter

We believe that Ideas That Matter are concepts and discoveries that positively impact individual creativity, awareness, and productivity. We strongly feel that lifelong learning can enhance these vital skills for all, and see our role here at Brilliantio to pique your curiosity, and provide insights. By doing so, we aim to enrich lives and play a meaningful role in the world around us.

The Ethos and Content at Brilliantio

On this site, you’ll find a wide range of content – everything from the finer points of documentary filmmaking to discussions of how various actions have a social impact.

We aim to research and publish our content carefully. The thing that glues it all together is an intelligent analysis and a lively approach to the topic.

All our content is created and published in-house.

Enjoy Brilliantio!