About Brilliantio


Sparks to Stars

Brilliantio is a unique storytelling community, whose mission is to foster and grow storytelling excellence among our members – whatever their background and purpose. We do this through online workshops, events, courses and partnerships. We are currently recruiting Instructor-Partners to join us, to enable them to gain greater audience, while in turn we broaden the offering we can make to members. At the heart of becoming a great storyteller is a profound internal journey. We see sparks of creativity becoming storytelling stars.


Brilliantio's Story

Brilliantio was born out of a realisation that truly wonderful storytelling – be it on screen, stage or page – comes from an internal journey on the part of the storyteller, as the external story of the hero unfolds. We understood that the best storytellers draw inspiration from diverse influences around them, and that nowhere existed for those interested in the art and craft of storytelling to come together online.


Paul Jenkins. 30 years a documentary film director, now with 26,000 students worldwide.


Storytelling Inspiration