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100+ Unique and Creative Plot Ideas for Your Next Best-Selling Novel or Screenplay

Embark on a journey of imagination with this comprehensive collection of plot ideas. Unleash your creativity and explore multiple themes like time-travel, supernatural mysteries, fantasy realms, societal dynamics, historical settings, and assorted perspectives. Let these spark your next captivating narrative, whether it’s a novel, screenplay, or a short story. Dive in and let your creative adventure begin!

Time Travel/Alternate Realities

  • A time traveler’s dilemma: to change the past or not.
  • A reality show where participants live as if in different historical eras.
  • A journey to the center of the Earth to stop it from stopping.
  • A reality where people can step into paintings.
  • A parallel universe where all the historical villains are heroes.
  • A character who discovers they are a character in a novel.
  • A world that resets itself every year, but one person remembers each reset.
  • A series of letters between two people in different times.

Supernatural Elements

  • An artist who paints futures but at a cost.
  • A supernatural being attending high school, trying to stay undercover.
  • A ghost who solves their own murder.
  • A magical library where the books can alter reality.
  • A villain turning hero to save what they once sought to destroy.
  • A character who can communicate with machines.
  • A character who ages backward and their impact on the world.
  • A character who must gather the pieces of their soul scattered across the world.
  • A character who can see everyone’s life expectancy.
  • A character who turns fictional characters into reality.
  • A character who can enter photographs.
  • A character who can steal talents from others.
  • A person who can travel through mirrors.
  • A person who becomes invisible when forgotten.
  • A character who can transform pain into flowers.
  • A character who wakes up as a different person in a different life each day.
  • A character who can manipulate the four elements, but only one at a time.
  • A person who can copy any skill after seeing it performed once.

Fantasy Worlds

  • A world where dreams are purchasable commodities.
  • A society where emotions are forbidden and one person’s awakening.
  • A community living in a world without sunlight.
  • An eternal being trying to find meaning in a finite world.
  • A world where mythical creatures are common pets.
  • A world where weather can be controlled, leading to climate wars.
  • A reality where people are assigned a genre at birth (comedy, tragedy, etc.).
  • A world where every person has a soundtrack that plays according to their mood.
  • A society where art is the currency.
  • A world where everyone is born with wings but they only work if you’re honest.
  • A world that experiences all four seasons in one day.
  • A world where intangible concepts (like love, fear, courage) are physically manifest.
  • A world where silence is deadly and one girl’s journey to find a safe haven.
  • A world where plants are the dominant species, and humans are not.
  • A world where every lie creates a physical scar.
  • A world where music is the magic that shapes reality.

Society and Civilization

  • A child who discovers they’re heir to a throne in a parallel universe.
  • A group of friends who find a map to a phantom island.
  • A family curse that spans generations.
  • A town that celebrates Christmas every day and one outsider’s quest to change it.
  • A portal in a mundane office building leading to fantastical worlds.
  • A society where children choose their parents when they turn ten.
  • An underground city unearthed by archaeologists, still inhabited.
  • A heist at a museum of cursed objects.
  • A utopia where a single lie can have devastating consequences.
  • A society that outlaws all forms of fiction.
  • A secret society of people who control dreams.
  • A society where each person’s status is determined by the complexity of their home.
  • A society where people are sorted into professions by their zodiac signs.

Mystery and Crime

  • A detective solving a crime that they committed, unbeknownst to their split personality.
  • A detective hired to find a city that technically doesn’t exist.
  • An invasion of privacy in a world where everyone is telepathically linked.
  • A city that can only be entered through reflections.
  • A couple swapping lives every other day.
  • A courtroom that tries cases of love gone wrong.
  • An individual who wakes up with a different appearance every day.
  • A person who wakes up each day with a different skill.
  • A person who remembers all their past lives and the one they love in each.
  • A town that gets collective amnesia every new moon.
  • A character who can hear every lie told to them.
  • A heist crew attempting to steal a spell that grants eternal life.
  • An antique dealer who sells items that change the owner’s destiny.

Sci-Fi and Space Exploration

  • A space mission to colonize a distant planet encounters an alien race.
  • A colony ship bound for a black hole seeking a theoretical exit.
  • A planet divided between day and night with two societies that fear each other.
  • A planet where the oceans float above the land.

Magic and Witchcraft

  • A kingdom where the ruler is chosen by a magical ritual.
  • A pilgrimage to a land where the gods are said to grant a single wish.
  • A machine that can manufacture serendipity.
  • A person who can bring their drawings to life.
  • A kingdom where magic is powered by words and language.
  • A castle that rearranges itself every night.


  • A quest to find a city of gold in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • A society where the roles of children and adults are reversed.

Myths and Legends

  • A modern retelling of a forgotten myth.

Technology and Futurism

  • A scientist who clones their deceased partner.
  • A device that allows the user to take a holiday in someone else’s life.
  • A future where memories are traded like stocks.

Nature and Environment

  • A world where nature has begun fighting back against humans.
  • A journey into a mysterious forest said to grant wishes.
  • A futuristic city enclosed under a dome, separate from the outside world.
  • A quest to find the last of an endangered magical species.

War and Conflict

  • Rival kingdoms fighting over control of a powerful resource.
  • Rebels working to overthrow an oppressive totalitarian government.
  • Tensions rising between humans and another intelligent species.
  • A soldier struggling with PTSD after returning from battle.

Pursuit of Knowledge

  • A secret society protecting powerful ancient secrets.
  • Explorers seeking the lost city of a forgotten civilization.
  • Scientists on the brink of a world-changing discovery.
  • A genius professor’s unorthodox teaching methods.


  • An amnesiac piecing together their mysterious past.
  • A coming-of-age journey of self-realization.
  • Confronting the monster, but the monster is within oneself.
  • A disillusioned celebrity searching for meaning.

Justice and Morality

  • An ex-con seeking redemption on a dangerous mission.
  • A vigilante doling out their own brand of street justice.
  • A privileged person forced to live as part of the oppressed.
  • A utopian society’s dark secrets beneath the surface.

Ancient Civilizations

  • A scribe in ancient Egypt who discovers a prophecy about the end of the world.
  • A gladiator in Rome who seeks freedom and revenge against the empire.
  • A Mayan priest who uncovers secrets about their gods.
  • A Greek philosopher who invents a machine that defies the known laws of nature.

Medieval Times

  • A knight on a quest to find a mythical creature.
  • A group of peasants who band together to overthrow an evil king.
  • A jester who unknowingly possesses a magical artifact.
  • A monk who transcribes ancient texts and stumbles upon a forbidden spell.


  • An artist who can see the future in his paintings.
  • A scientist who secretly conducts experiments on alchemy.
  • A female writer who disguises herself as a man to get her works published.
  • A group of explorers set out to discover new lands.

Victorian Era

  • A detective solving crimes in the grimy streets of London.
  • A wealthy heiress who secretly moonlights as a vigilante.
  • An inventor who creates a machine that can travel through time.
  • A group of children who discover a magical world within a secret garden.

World War I and II

  • A spy who infiltrates enemy lines to gather intelligence.
  • A group of soldiers who find camaraderie and hope amidst the horrors of war.
  • A scientist who discovers a technology that could change the course of the war.
  • A Holocaust survivor who seeks revenge against the Nazis.

Cold War Era

  • A journalist who uncovers a major government conspiracy.
  • A family who attempts to escape from East Berlin.
  • A group of scientists who race to develop the first moon landing.
  • A spy who falls in love with an enemy agent.

Modern Times

  • A group of friends who uncover a dark secret about their small town.
  • A young woman who moves to a big city to pursue her dreams.
  • A detective who uses technology to solve a series of murders.
  • A group of protesters who fight against a corrupt government.

Near Future

  • A group of scientists who discover an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.
  • A young man who navigates life in a world dominated by artificial intelligence.
  • A soldier who fights in a war where drones and robots are the primary weapons.
  • A group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world who search for a safe haven.

Animal Kingdom

  • A young wolf who must lead his pack after the alpha is killed.
  • A group of zoo animals who plan an elaborate escape.
  • A domestic cat who gains the ability to speak to humans.
  • A dog who helps a young boy navigate the trials of growing up.

Alien Worlds

  • A group of aliens who study human behavior from their distant planet.
  • A young alien who crash lands on Earth and tries to blend in.
  • An alien invasion from the perspective of the invaders.
  • A group of alien refugees who seek asylum on Earth.

Wrapping Up

In the end, great storytelling is about exploration, both of the world you create and the characters that inhabit it. These plot ideas are just sparks to ignite your imagination. So, pick a theme, spin it into a story uniquely yours, and start your writing journey. Here’s to creating worlds, weaving narratives, and telling tales that captivate and inspire. Happy writing!