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Best Freelance Writing Sites: How to Approach Them

I’ve put this resource together for freelance writers looking for gigs, and opportunities. You will find here an extensive list of resources, sites, and advice to get a writing job.

To go directly to a list of sites, simply click the Table of Contents below to open it up and navigate to the Sites List.

A Word About Niches

Whether you are a beginner writer or have more experience, almost all the advice I have seen indicates that choosing a niche, or a handful of niches, is essential to success.

A niche means, in the case of freelance writing, specializing in a specific area.

So, while it may be tempting to try to cover every area of writing, the odds are you will not be very successful at it.

If you are just getting started, think of the subject matter you like to write about the most and find out if there are opportunities for writing in your area of interest. If you’ve already written for other blogs or other publications, you may already have an idea where you can write and can more easily source a freelance writing job.

Also, if you can find a technical niche or business niche in which to write, this will help you a lot as a content writer. This article, in particular, will help you with this particular aspect.

The Experience Level Required

Although as you move up the freelance writing food chain you will need to demonstrate your abilities, everyone starts from scratch!

The best way to gain some experience and get remote writing jobs is to simply write!

There are hundreds of sites out there looking for writers, and even if you do not get paid for an online writing job, you will accumulate valuable experience, and also build an impressive portfolio.

More importantly, you will learn your strengths, and your weaknesses, and be in control of your path.

Of course, sooner rather than later you will want to start earning some money for your efforts.

The two basic ways to do this are:

  • get hired on a freelance writing gig to write for someone else’s publication, including blogging jobs.
  • write for your own site, and build up an asset that over time will accrue ‘traffic’ (page views) and that you can monetize through ads and/or affiliate offers (partnering with companies to represent their products in return for a commission).

In the table, below, you’ll find a list of beginner sites and resources that can help you get a freelance job.

Remember that experience does not necessarily mean the amount of time that you have been writing: it’s entirely possible to accumulate a significant amount of experience in a short time, if diligent!

It’s important to keep your confidence and productive workflow up. Something in which this course can help you.

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Content Mills

By and large, an experienced writer will tell you to stay clear as much as possible of ‘content mills’.

You will find detailed explanations of how the various content mills operate in the table towards the end of this post, but it’s worth knowing a bit about them.

Note that these sites go under various monikers: ‘content mills’, ‘content farms’ and ‘freelancing sites.’ Depending on who you are asking!

There are a series of problems with a lot of the freelance marketplace when it comes to writing gigs.

  1. Firstly, you will not be able to build up your reputation, followers, etc. by writing for them.
  2. The second reason is that most content mills pay very little. By the time you have bid for work, and responded to queries, not to mention other distractions in these sites, your hourly rate will have tumbled. Often to as low as $4 or less per hour!

Essentially, you’re competing against many thousands of writers – many of them lackluster – and people looking for content for their sites, and spending your time writing for them is time you could be spending writing for sites that pay well, and that you can build your reputation on.

Not to mention that some of the Content farms are charging the poorly-paid freelancers a commission also!

All that said, many freelance writers do get their start in this type of site, and therefore it’s worth at least being aware of them.

What you need, if you decide to go after a writing gig on these sites, is discipline to write fast, and not get distracted by the number of low-paying opportunities on these sites.

Become Comfortable With Pitching

Even if you managed to avoid the content mills, as a freelance writer you need to become accustomed to regular pitching of your profile, portfolio, and story ideas.

This is essential to your success in the industry, and if you spend the time approaching potential clients effectively, and delivering your pitch, you should find you can acquire a steady string of writing work.

Get Good at Networking

There are a huge number of networking options available for writers these days.

Forums and discussion groups on sites such as LinkedIn can prove to be a good resource for writers, helping to hone your approach on pitching, finding freelance work, etc., as well as a good way of building a network of writers who can help each other.

There is an excellent freelance writing subreddit that is full of good advice and experienced folk. It has a very informative wiki attached to it, including a list of freelance writer sites.

Don’t forget more traditional means of networking. If you get the chance to attend a business expo or conference, grab it.

It’s one of the best ways to make contacts, which leads to leads, leads to clients!

Before doing any networking, though, make sure that your profile on LinkedIn and elsewhere makes sense to prospective clients, and does not contain anything which would turn them off immediately.

Join Newsletters and Alerts Services

One of the best ways to save time is to sign up for newsletters that distribute writer opportunities.

Compared to the content mills, they level the playing field for freelance writers because you are getting access to higher-paid opportunities, and are able to pitch your work to clients directly.

There are several good free or low-cost newsletter services listed in the Sites List, below.

However, be aware that some of the job alert services that demand high fees may not be reputable.

Before shelling out money, be careful to check out their reputation in places like Reddit’s excellent Freelance Writers subreddit.

Understand the Pay Range

Don’t be lulled into thinking that all freelance writer jobs are stuck at the per-word level. Some content writing is very valuable. As a technical writer, for example, you can do very well.

By contextualizing what you are doing in the framework of your writing career, you will already be ahead of the game. See yourself as the owner of a freelance writing business, even if operating solo.

So, although you may see online writing jobs around for as little as 0.02 cents per word – for which you might have to compete on a freelance writing site! – there are thousands of magazines out there that will pay decent money for quality freelance writing.

It’s a question of building up a credible profile and portfolio, with the right writing sample to hand for any given job and networking on LinkedIn and similar places.

It’s a case of ensuring that your topic expertise and writing skill are clearly stated, with your portfolio easily accessible. Then, when a job opportunity presents itself, you will have the ammunition to persuade the client to hire you.

Use the jobs listing newsletters to target companies, blogs, and magazines that are actively seeking writers.

Sites List (Table)

How to use this list

You can sort and filter this table; plus where there are links, they take you directly to the freelance writing website or resource.

When you find one that is helpful for you, simply bookmark it in your browser.

Site NameURLTypeDescriptionFee paidLength sought (words)Notes
A List Apart audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar.600 - 2500Useful resources: and
Ann Friedman Weekly for writers
Artisan Creativehttps://www.artisancreative.comFreelancing SiteGenerally good reviews; some poor ones. General freelancing site - can take time to find the writing gigs.
Atlantic Business Magazine MarketBusiness stories specific to Canadian region$0.40 cents per wordEditor:
BC Business MarketStories specific to the province. We generally prefer to use a real story as a springboard for exploring more complex issues or trends. Rather than an overview of the forest industry, for example, we might tell the story of how one company staved off bankruptcy, referencing some facts about the industry within the piece or in a sidebar.2000 - 3500Story ideas are always welcome. New contributors should also send a brief note detailing background and experience, as well as clippings of previously published magazine articles.
Be a Freelance Blogger board looks like old info. Facebook group inaccessible.
Behance SiteSome ghostwriter profiles here
Blogging Pro SiteNo screening process, so you have to vet the jobs yourself. Some big publications look for writers here.
Bustle PagesWomen’s magazine. Niches - fashion, wellness…
Cision JobsInvestigating
ClearVoice SiteFavor established writers and influencers - if you have been published on a reputable site, you have a chance. Set up to pay a premium for the freelancers who get work there.
CloudPeeps SiteThey stipulate a minimum of $30 per hour for freelancers how are booked via their site; meaning that the quality and experience is high
College RecruiterInvestigating
Constant ContentInvestigating
ContenaInvestigatingMake sure to read the reviews about this site on Reddit and elsewhere
Contently SiteContent writing jobs; they serve as a connector - you upload your profile, and get matched to prospective clients when there is a need
Craft Your Content Your Content’s mission is twofold: to help our readers become excellent writers, and to help them do so while retaining their unique voice and vision.$75 - $1501000 minimumVery funny and insightful submission guidelines. Articles worth reading for style.
Creative CircleInvestigating
Digital Ocean authors help grow DigitalOcean’s library of DevOps, software development, and production systems tutorials—all based on free and open-source software. These authors then receive a personal payout and select a tech-focused charity to receive a donation$300+
East Side WritersInvestigating
eByline SiteFocus is on established writers for large corporate and business clients. Free to sign up.
Entrepreneur Marketinspirations, trends and advice pieces. Original story ideas geared towards the sophisticated entrepreneur$1 per wordEditorial Director Dan Bova
Freedom with Writinghttps://www.freedomwithwriting.comNewsletterFree
Freelance MomInvestigating
Freelance Writers Denfreelancewritersden.comMembershipCosts $25 per month. The sibling site Make a Living Writing has a bunch of free advice and resources. The Den also has a useful Facebook page.
Freelance WritingInvestigating
Freelance Writing GigsInvestigating
Freelance Writing Jobs list of freelance writing opportunities
Freelance Writing JobsInvestigating
Freelancerfreelancer.comContent farm
Funds for Writers and longstanding newsletter. Lots of paid jobs.
Genuine JobsInvestigating
Guest postingVariousAll
guru.comguru.comContent farm
Home School World articles (with resource lists and, ideally, photos) that explain how to meet some homeschool challenge or how to venture forth in to some new area. Ideally you are an acknowledged expert on the topic.$50
Horse Network health, equestrian hobbies.$50 + $100 if shared more than 1k times500 - 700
Human JobsInvestigating
IAPWEhttps://iapwe.orgNewsletterInternational Association of Professional Writers and Editors
Income DiaryInvestigating
Insteading living, growing your own crops, raising animals. Looking for how-to articles, guides on homesteading topics, and list posts to help new and seasoned homesteaders.$501000 - 2000+
IWA Wine Blog our audience learn about storing and enjoying wine. we look for posts that have a sophisticated, well-educated tone.$20 - $50600 - 1000
iWriterContent farm
Journalism Jobshttps://journojobs.substack.comNewsletterRun by Mandy HofmockelGood rep on Reddit
ListVerseAddHard to get into
Make a Living Writing Facebook Page posts about freelance writing gigs
Make a Living Writing Monster List list of 78 opportunities
Make a Living Writing Niche List of 50 niches for freelance writers
Make a Living Writing Pitch Advice and Don’ts of pitching blogs
Marketing Sites of marketing sites that pay writers$100+
Mediabistro SiteGeneral media industry site. Well-known brands are there. Magazines more than blogs.
Medium MarketLink goes to in-house publications. There are many other publications based on Medium.Editor-at-large Steve Levine
Medium Publications of publications on Medium that pay pro rates
New Reach Marketing paid writing gigs - they reached out to us$15 - 40 per hourBrief application form and require 3 samples
Online Writing JobsInvestigating
Plum Deluxe, special occasions, tea time, tea parties, well-being, spirituality and mindset$35 - $60 (+$50 if a video made)500 minimum
ProBlogger Site
Quietly SiteSubmit your profile, and Quietly matches you to brands who have a need. They allow writers and marketers.
Rank Pay, digital marketing, small business$501000 minimum
Real Python tutorial team is known for making the highest-quality Python tutorials available online. Our mission is to “help Python developers around the world become more awesome.$50+
Reddit Freelance Writers subreddit for freelance writers. They have a very useful wiki.
Reddit Freelance Writers Wiki - Finding Work section sure to budget the time to work your way through the invaluable threads in this wiki. The good thing about the group is that they have quite a few experienced freelance writers helping those who are less experienced.
Reddit Hire a Writer Reddit-based writer hiring board. Both companies and writers pitch here.
Robert HalfInvestigating
Router Freak are always looking for Network Engineers who love to write.$50+800 minimum
Self Publishing SchoolInvestigating
Sian Meades Williams weekly newsletter
Skyword SiteRepresents brands interested in their story being told by writers.
Small-Business Opportunities of various opportunities - NB some are region-specific
SmartBlogger Jobs Advice page of advice on how to get the jobs
Sonia Weiser Opportunity of the Week NewsletterMinimum $1 per month, to get a weekly list of calls for pitches Good reputation on Reddit
Study Hallstudyhall.xyzPaid Newsletter$13 per month, aimed at media workers, get access to database and editor contacts
Talent IncInvestigating
The Content Marketing Writer resource for content writers. Great advice about portfolios and queries.This is gold:
The Freelance Content Marketing Writer book by Jennifer Gregory. $2.99 (and currently on Kindle Unlimited). Advice on where and how to find good-paying gigs - usually for companies.On Kindle
The Freelance Dance purpose of The Freelance Dance has always been to help other freelance writers get started and get further, faster. The best way to do this is to open up my website for contributions. The Freelance Dance is all about helping other freelancers find their own success.$50800 - 1200Looks old. Last articles in 2016. Domain is also odd for a pro site
The Freelancer Feed mostly at Australians
The Penny HoarderInvestigating
The Travel Tribune people who are experienced writers. Someone who is a highly dedicated traveler$50800 minimum
The Writer FinderInvestigating
The Writer’s Job Newsletterhttps://www.thewritersjobnewsletter.comNewsletterFree.
Theme Park Tourist parks. Listicles work well.$50 + bonuses750 - 1000Writer roster currently full, but can still apply
Transitions AbroadInvestigating
UpworkFreelancing Site16 million freelancers on the site. It’s a shark pool, where you need to have a very clear game plan. As far as writing is concerned, some would call it a Content Mill
Wanderful pieces are thoughtful, actionable, engaging, and community-oriented. They provide real-life examples with useful tips about information that women are looking for when they travel, and as they build their global identities.Member benefits1000 - 2500
We Work RemotelyInvestigating
Whisper Jobs SiteMagazines. Well-known that need writers. Including lifestyle writing jobs.
Writer website to warn writers of scams - their blog is well worth a quick browse to become aware of the ways in which writers are exploited
Writer’s DenInvestigating
WriterAccessIs reputable among writers on Kboards
Writers WorkInvestigating
Yoga Basics with a strong background in yoga philosophy, who are up to date with current yoga news and research, and who are comfortable writing education/information focused articles are encouraged to apply.$30 - 1x or 2x per month550 - 700