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Take Me There

Our goal is to help you with your stories. On screen, stage and page.

This breaks down into:

  1. How stories work – story structure and characters.
  2. How to tell stories – approaches and techniques.
  3. How to get an attentive audience for your stories.

The approaches and techniques taught here are based on 30 years factual storytelling experience in film and television. Plus extensive writing and narration experience in fiction and non-fiction.

Every course we make will be listed here; soon we will implement Q&A and Feedback groups for the courses so that you can get additional help.

Members will also have access to our upcoming StoryWire newsletter, which will curate and fillet out the very best advice and examples of great storytelling across genres in order to inspire and guide your creative efforts.

A warm welcome to Brilliantio! Feel free to reach out to me at any stage about anything to do with your membership.


Paul Jenkins

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