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25 Easter Bunny Writing Prompts for Kids

Do you want to help your child write a story about the Easter Bunny? These 25 prompts will get them started! The Easter Bunny is a fun character to write about, and your child can develop some imaginative stories. Let’s get started!

25 Easter Bunny Writing Prompts

  1. The Easter Bunny is always up to something! What mischief have they been up to this time?
  2. The Easter Bunny is looking for a new home. Help them find the perfect place!
  3. The Easter Bunny has lost its basket of eggs. Can you help them find it?
  4. The Easter Bunny is feeling sad today. Help them cheer up!
  5. The Easter Bunny has never seen a chocolate egg before. What will they think of it?
  6. The Easter Bunny has found a magic wand! What will they use it for?
  7. The Easter Bunny is trying to make friends with a squirrel. Will it work out?
  8. The Easter Bunny is having a terrible day! See what happens next…
  9. It’s the first day of spring, and the Easter Bunny is so exciting!
  10. Oh no, the Easter Bunny has caught a cold! How will they get better?
  11. Someone has left a present for the Easter Bunny! What could it be?
  12. The Easter Bunny is throwing a party! Who will they invite?
  13. It’s time for the Easter Egg Hunt! Can you help the bunny find all the eggs?
  14. Oh no, the Easter Bunny has lost its teeth! How will they eat all those chocolate eggs now?
  15. The Easter Bunny is going on holiday! Where will they go?
  16. It’s a windy day, and the Easter Bunny’s ears are blowing everywhere!
  17. The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming; it’s a perfect day for an egg hunt!
  18. The Easter Bunny is hungry! What will they make for dinner?
  19. It’s snowing hard, and the Easter Bunny has lost its way. Can you help them find their way home?
  20. It’s the middle of the night, and the Easter Bunny has a terrible dream!
  21. The Easter Bunny is cold; help them find their hat and scarf!
  22. The Easter Bunny has a terrible cold. They need some medicine to help them feel better.
  23. There’s a giant chocolate egg! How did it get there?
  24. The Easter Bunny is having a bath. Can you help them scrub their back?
  25. The Easter Bunny is taking a hike. Can you help them find the best route?

The Origin of the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a popular figure in American culture. Each year, children all over the country participate in Easter egg hunts, eagerly searching for colorful eggs hidden by the bunny. But where did this tradition come from? Like many popular cultural icons, the Easter Bunny has a long and surprising history.

The first record of an Easter Bunny comes from 16th-century German Protestant reformer Georg Franck von Franckenau, who wrote about “a nest full of eggs” found in a garden near his home. It is believed that this story was based on a pagan fertility symbol, which Christians later appropriated. As a symbol of fertility, the bunny likely came to America with German immigrants in the 18th century.

Interestingly, the idea of an egg-laying bunny may have also been influenced by Saint Boniface, a missionary who is said to have created the first Easter Egg Tree. According to legend, Boniface was attempting to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to pagans in Germany, who were more familiar with Norse mythology.

To do so, he supposedly cut down an oak tree that was sacred to Odin (the father), Thor (the son), and Freyja (the Holy Spirit). From the tree’s stump grew a briar bush, and from the bush sprang colorful eggs. While this story is almost certainly apocryphal, it underscores how deeply entrenched the idea of an egg-laying bunny was in German culture by the 19th century.

The Easter Bunny’s Name is Peter Cottontail

The Easter Bunny is a popular character during the Easter season. He is known for delivering eggs and candy to children around the world. But many people do not know that the Easter Bunny has a name, and that name is Peter Cottontail.

In 1953, an animator named Max Fleischer created a character called Peter Cottontail for a cartoon short film. The character was an instant hit with audiences and has appeared in various forms of media ever since, including TV shows, movies, and books. In 1971, the Rankin/Bass company produced an animated special called “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” which told how Peter became the Easter Bunny.

The special was so popular that it spawned a franchise, which includes two sequel specials, merchandise, and even a theme park attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Today, Peter Cottontail is one of the most recognizable characters associated with Easter. So next time you see the Easter Bunny, say hello to Peter!

Tapping into Your Creativity this Easter

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to thinking up what the Easter bunny looks like. Do you see a giant bunny as tall as a house? A tiny bunny that’s big enough to hide in an Easter basket? A pink bunny? A blue bunny? It’s entirely up to you! This is your chance to let your imagination run wild.

Think about some of the other elements that are associated with Easter—eggs, for instance. What do they look like? Are they pastel-colored or jewel-toned? Plain or decorated? Smooth or speckled? Again, it’s all up to you! You can use these details to help describe the Easter bunny.

The same goes for the setting where you place your easter bunny. Is it in a field of fresh spring flowers? Or is it running through the snowy woods, looking for the perfect spot to hide its eggs? Get creative and have fun with it!

A Creative Storytelling Prompt: What do Easter Bunnies Symbolize?

The Easter bunny is a popular cultural symbol associated with the holiday of Easter. According to most accounts, the rabbit originally symbolized fertility and new life. The holiday, which falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rabbits became associated with this holiday because of their reputation for prolific breeding. Ancient cultures saw rabbits as a symbol of abundance and rebirth, making them an apt choice to represent new life.

What does the Easter bunny mean to you? Is he a bringer of new life and hope or a reminder of childhood innocence and joy? Perhaps he is both. Use the following prompts to help you explore your relationship with this iconic figure.

Easter Bunny Writing Prompt #1: A New Beginning

The Easter bunny hops into your life, bringing a basket full of eggs, chocolate, and other goodies. He tells you he has chosen you to be his special helper in spreading happiness and joy this Easter season. Write a story about your adventures with the Easter bunny as you travel around delivering gifts to children and families.

Easter Bunny Writing Prompt #2: A Time for Renewal

It’s been a tough year; nothing has seemed to go right. You’ve lost your job, your home is in foreclosure, and your relationship is on the rocks. The Easter bunny appears as you sit wallowing in your misery. He tells you it’s time for a fresh start and hands you a basket full of brightly colored eggs. Write a story about what happens next as you begin to turn your life around with the help of this furry little friend.

Easter Bunny Writing Prompt #3: A Symbol of Hope

The world is going through a tough time. You’re doing your best to keep going, but some days it feels like it’s just not worth it anymore. One day, as you’re walking through the park on your way to another funeral, you see a rabbit sitting in front of a statue. He tells you that he represents hope and that things will get better. Write a story about how this encounter changes your outlook on life and gives you the strength to keep going during these times.