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36 Fun and Engaging Fanfiction Writing Prompts

Do you enjoy writing fanfiction? If so, you’ll love these 25 fun and engaging prompts! Fanfiction can be a great way to improve your writing skills and be a lot of fun. These prompts will help you to come up with new ideas and get started on some exciting new stories. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and have some fun!

23 Fanfiction Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write a story from the perspective of a character who is usually an antagonist. How do they see the world? What motivates them?
  2. What if two characters from completely different fandoms met? Write a story about their unlikely interactions and friendship.
  3. Write a “fix-it” fic in which a character undoes a major mistake they made in canon. How does the story change as a result?
  4. Have fun with AUs! Write a story in an alternate universe where your favorite characters have different jobs, live in different places, or are of the opposite gender.
  5. What if a character woke up one day to find that they suddenly had superpowers? How would they use them? Would they keep them secret or tell their friends and family?
  6. Let’s get meta! Write a story in which the characters know they’re fictional and can interact with their fandom (including other characters, ships, and fanworks). What sort of hijinks ensue?
  7. Write a slow-burn romance story in which the two main characters take their time falling for each other. What obstacles stand in their way?
  8. On the flip side, write a fic where the two main characters meet and fall in love within 24 hours. Is it real love or just infatuation?
  9. Can relationships survive after death? Write a ghost AU in which one or both partners are ghosts who can only interact with the living world through their loved ones.
  10. Experiment with the point of view! Write a story told from the perspective of an object that belongs to one of the main characters (e.g., a necklace, car, or book).
  11. Take inspiration from your favorite song lyrics and use them as the starting point for a story. How do the lyrics reflect the lives and experiences of your characters?
  12. Use prompts from other writers as jumping-off points for your own stories! You can find plenty of prompts online by quickly searching on Google or Tumblr. Have fun exploring and see where your imagination takes you!
  13. A crossover fic between two unlikely universes. Examples could include Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, Supernatural and Once Upon a Time, or Sherlock and Doctor Who.
  14. A fix-it fic in which something goes wrong is ultimately resolved by the end of the story.
  15. A character study of a secondary character who doesn’t normally receive much attention.
  16. A day-in-the-life story told from the perspective of a non-human character, like a pet or an inanimate object.
  17. A “first times” fic in which two characters experience something new together, whether it’s their first date, their first kiss, or something else entirely.
  18. A roadmap fic details everything between the events of two canon stories (i.e., what happened during the three-month time jump in Buffy the Vampire Slayer between seasons 6 and 7?).
  19. A what-if fic in which a minor change leads to major consequences (i.e., what if Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor?).
  20. An AU fic in which everything is the same, but one key detail is different (i.e., what if Katniss Everdeen was born into a wealthy family instead of a poor one?).
  21. In a soulmate fic, two characters can see each other’s thoughts and feelings through words written on their skin.
  22. In a redemption arc fic, a villainous character tries to make up for their past misdeeds.
  23. An epistolary fic told entirely through letters, journal entries, text messages, email correspondence, etc.

13 Fantastically Fun Fanfiction Prompts For Harry Potter Fans

  1. What if Snape had been good all along?
  2. What if Hermione had never met Harry and Ron?
  3. What if Dumbledore had been evil?
  4. What if the Triwizard Tournament had never happened?
  5. What if Voldemort had never possessed Ginny?
  6. What if Sirius Black had never gone to Azkaban?
  7. What if Hagrid had never been expelled from Hogwarts?
  8. What if Quidditch had never been invented?
  9. What if the Chamber of Secrets had never been opened?
  10. What if Voldemort had won the Battle of Hogwarts?
  11. What if Ron and Hermione had never gotten together?
  12. What if the Dursleys had been nice to Harry?
  13. What if there was a new member of the Order of the Phoenix?

What Exactly Is Fanfiction

In short, fanfiction is stories about existing characters or worlds. Fans usually write these stories of the original work and often explore what could happen next in the story or what might have happened in the past. As such, they are often transformative works.

Some fanfiction stories are alternate universe tales, which means they take the characters and put them into a completely different situation. For example, you might write a story where Harry Potter is sent to America instead of Hogwarts.

How Fanfiction Got Started

Fan fiction has existed since Shakespearean times, but the first real wave of modern fan fiction came about in the 1960s with Star Trek. Fans of the show began writing their own stories about what happened on the USS Enterprise, and some were even published in professional magazines.

Professional authors are divided about whether or not fanfiction is desirable or a good idea. J.K. Rowling supports it, whereas George R.R. Martin opposes it and believes it is detrimental to good writing development.

Why Do People Write Fanfiction?

There are many reasons why people might choose to write fanfiction. For some, it’s a way to explore their favorite characters and worlds more deeply. For others, it’s a way to exercise their creative muscles and try out new ideas without having to create an entire world from scratch. And for some people, fanfiction is a fun way to pass the time. No matter what the reason, there’s no doubt that fanfiction is here to stay.

Some Characters You Can Write About In Your Next Fanfiction Piece

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series is a great character to write about in fanfiction. She is highly intelligent and courageous, always putting others before herself. One aspect of her character often explored in fanfiction is her romantic relationship with Ron Weasley. What if they had never gotten together? What if Hermione had ended up with someone else? There are endless possibilities when it comes to writing about Hermione Granger.

Another fun character to write about is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy. She is a strong and determined young woman who has faced unimaginable challenges in her life. She also has a complicated love story with Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne. Who does she ultimately end up with? The decision is up to you!

Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents is a great option if you want to write about a character with a more lighthearted personality. He’s always getting himself into (and out of) wacky situations. Plus, he has two fairy godparents who grant his every wish, so the sky’s the limit regarding plot ideas. Timmy Turner is a great character to write about, whether you want to write a hilarious one-shot or an ongoing adventure.

Also, how about:

  • Tony Stark
  • Clint Barton
  • Natasha Romanov
  • Steve Rogers

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your next fanfiction piece. Remember, the best stories come from characters that you are passionate about! So think about which characters YOU can’t get enough of and start writing!

Why Fanfiction Is So Popular

Even if you’re not a fan of fanfiction, it’s impossible to deny its popularity; according to one estimate, over 12 million fanfic stories are currently in existence. But why is fanfiction so popular?

One of the most obvious reasons for fanfiction’s popularity is that it gives people the opportunity to see their favorite characters in new and exciting situations. Whether it’s Harry Potter getting transported to Middle-earth or the cast of Friends meeting the Avengers, there’s no shortage of possibilities regarding crossover fics.

In addition, many fanfic writers care to stay true to the original characters and their voices, which can be challenging.

Another reason for fanfiction’s popularity is that it can provide closure for stories that have ended-or, in some cases, were never even given a proper ending, to begin with. This is especially common in TV shows canceled unexpectedly; for example, countless fics out there give Buffy and Angel a happy ending they never got on television.

In addition, many fanfics explore possibilities never explored in the original story; what if Dumbledore had been killed before he had a chance to defeat Voldemort? These “what if” scenarios can be particularly intriguing for readers.

Is It Illegal to Print Fanfiction?

Caveat: we are not lawyers. Therefore, this cannot be construed as legal advice. That said, the short answer is no, it is not illegal to print fanfiction. However, a few things to remember if you decide to go down this route.

First and foremost, check the terms of service for the website or forum where you found the fanfiction. Often, these sites will outright forbid the printing of fanfiction without the original author’s express permission.

Additionally, many fanfiction authors request that their stories not be printed without their permission. It is always best to err on caution and ask for permission before printing someone else’s work.

Another thing to consider is copyright law. While it is technically legal to print fanfiction, you could run into issues if you sell copies of the story or use it for commercial purposes. If you’re simply giving it away for free, however, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just be sure not to violate anyone’s copyright by plagiarizing their work or using excessive amounts of copyrighted material without permission.

How an Alternate Universe Can Complicate Things for a Favorite Character or Couple

In any good story, the plot is never as simple as it seems. There are always twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. But what happens when those twists and turns take the story in a completely different direction? That’s where alternate universes come in.

Alternate universes can be used to explore what might have happened if a particular event had gone differently.

They can also be used to complicate things for a favorite character or couple. For example, imagine if Ron Weasley had been sorted into Slytherin house instead of Gryffindor. How would that have changed the course of his relationship with Harry Potter? Would they still have been friends? Or would they have ended up as bitter enemies?

This type of AU allows writers to explore different aspects of their favorite characters and couples. For example, what if Rey had never met BB-8 on Jakku? How would that have changed her relationship with Finn? Would they still have been friends? Would Rey have joined the Resistance? Or would she have become a Sith Lord like her grandfather?

The Link Between Angst and Fanfiction

As a fanfiction writer, you’ve likely experienced the allure of writing angsty stories. After all, what’s more drama-filled than two characters overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to be together? Unfortunately, though, too much angst can be a bad thing.

What is Angst?

Angst is a feeling of deep anxiety or dread. In fandom culture, “angst” refers to stories that are heavy on emotion and light on plot. Angsty stories are often filled with misunderstandings, family drama, cheating, and other relationship issues. They typically have a slow build-up and a satisfying (albeit sometimes bittersweet) resolution.

The Appeal of Angst

There’s no denying that angst is popular in fanfiction circles. Some of the most iconic fanfictions of all time are notable for their angsty storylines (think The Notebook or One More Day from Spider-Man). So what is it about angst that makes it so appealing?

For one thing, angst allows readers to explore complex emotions in a safe space. Unlike real life, where we often have to bottle up our emotions for propriety, an angsty story provides a cathartic release. It’s also worth noting that humans are drawn to drama-it’s why reality TV is so popular! By writing an angsty story, you’re tapping into that primal need for drama and giving your readers something they can sink their teeth into.

When Angst Goes Too Far…

But as they say, too much of anything is never a good thing, including angst. While some emotional turmoil can make for an engaging story, too much ANGST will quickly turn your tale from gripping to ridiculous.

After all, in real life, people don’t tend to obsess over one another to the point where it destroys their lives! Oftentimes, when writers lean too hard into melodrama, their stories end up feeling soap opera-esque rather than authentic. Additionally, an overdose of ANGST can make your story feel one-note; if every scene is fraught with emotion, your readers will quickly grow exhausted.

Generally, it’s best to balance plot and drama in your stories. A healthy dose of ANGST can add flavor to your tale and make it more relatable for readers. Be careful not to go overboard!

Further Areas for Fanfic Writers to Research

  • Dream SMP
  • Soulmate AU
  • Fluff Writing