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Goretober Prompts: Prepare to Laugh Your Guts Out!

Are you ready to challenge yourself and create spooky, spine-tingling art for your followers? If so, join the thousands of artists participating in Goretober every year! For 31 days in October, participants use Goretober prompts to inspire their work. Whether an experienced artist or a beginner just dipping your toes into digital illustration, Goretober prompts provide boundless creative opportunities to draw on various horror themes. Plus, it’s fun—imagine curating your haunted gallery full of creature designs from classic monsters like vampires or Frankenstein’s monsters or creating creepy, surreal artwork with modern twists. Ready to dive in? Let’s talk about how you can make the most out of Goretober!

Please be aware that these prompts contain graphic themes and may not be suitable for everyone. Participate at your discretion and ensure that you share your work responsibly, providing proper content warnings if needed.

A Collection of Calamities

Plunge yourself into the abyss of Hallows’ Eve creativity with these Goretober prompts that capture the essence of spine-chilling horror, served with a macabre sense of humor.

Excessive Gashes and Lacerations

Nothing screams a gory nightmare like some good old-fashioned excessive gashes and lacerations. You might encounter these in a typical horror movie, but why not take it a step further in your Goretober creation?

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Here are some ideas:

  • A protagonist who collects trophies by slicing off villains’ sinister-smiling faces.
  • A mysterious creature leaves slashes in its wake as it stalks the night, causing paranoia to sweep through the town.
  • An antique razor imbued with a bloodthirsty curse that keeps its owner on edge.

Extra Limbs or Eyes

Who’s ever heard of too much of a good thing? In this case, we’re talking about limbs, eyes, and their potential to turn your Goretober prompts into grotesque masterpieces. Let your sinister imagination wander as you consider these monstrous possibilities:

  • A horrific experiment has gone wrong, resulting in a protagonist with too many limbs and a penchant for dismembering their enemies.
  • A society in which possessing extra eyes is surprisingly fashionable but comes with a gruesome cost.
  • A hero who wields their extra limbs in battle, only to discover the dark secret behind their unusual gift.


Nothing quite gets under the skin like the visceral imagery of amputation. Whether used as a punishment or a gruesome act of self-preservation, amputation can be an effective tool in any Goretober prompt. Test your readers’ squeamishness with ideas like these:

  • A psychopathic barber delighting in the removal of limbs as well as unwanted hair
  • A protagonist faced with the morbid choice of severing their limb or meeting a grisly end
  • An underground club that hosts gladiatorial contests with a sharp twist

Embrace the darkness, unleash your twisted creativity, and put the “gore” in Goretober with these delightfully horrifying prompts. Happy haunting!

Bizarre Bodily Blunders

In the spirit of Goretober, we present a collection of the most absurd and unsettling body-related prompts. You thought you’d seen it all? Read on, and let these prompts unleash your inner artist.

Teeth and Nails

Goretober never disappoints when it comes to creepy and cringe-worthy content. When art meets dental horrors and nail nightmares, things get bizarre. Imagine drawing characters with teeth growing in peculiar places or with nails so unnaturally long that they hinder basic activities. The possibilities are endless and bound to cause some shivers.


What’s more terrifying than creatures you can’t see? Time to explore the world of parasites! Bring to life the worst fears of arachnophobes or entomophobes, revealing the grotesque and insidious ways these organisms invade and consume their hosts. Visualize skin-crawling scenarios or a parasitic invasion crawling beneath the surface, waiting to emerge.

Animal Attacks

Unleash your wild side in this subsection, where nature turns against you. Dramatic scenes of animals getting the upper hand on humans, wreaking havoc, and causing chaos will surely satisfy your inner beast. Delve into the realm of mutated creatures, supernatural predators, or everyday animals pushed to the edge, and leave no stone unturned in animal attacks.

Remember, Goretober is a time to push the boundaries and go beyond the norm. So, embrace your wild side and let these bizarre bodily blunders inspire your next masterpiece.

Catastrophic Cruelties

Goretober goes above and beyond to make participants wince, especially when it comes to these catastrophic cruelties.


Many find the topic of cannibalism hard to swallow, but Goretober prompts do not shy away from it. In the spirit of artistic horror, participants can explore the macabre world of one character feasting upon another:

  • Character A nibbling on Character B’s fingers: delicious and deeply disturbing!
  • A creature with a wicked smile admitting to its unbelievable appetites.


Agony and despair have always been the muses of many artists. With that in mind, prompts centered on the idea of torture, such as the following, may arise:

  • Character A experiencing a spine-chilling curse, with the effects lasting a century of torment.
  • An antagonist enjoys the fruits of their twisted experiments with a wicked grin.

Decay and Rot

Nothing says ‘gory beauty’ like the delicate balance between life and decay. Goretober artists delve into this delightful morbid irony with prompts like:

  • Character A’s slow transformation into a horrifying zombie showcases its mortal journey gruesomely fascinatingly!
  • An unsettling scene unfolds within the haunted walls of an ancient crypt coming to life with stories of rot and ruin.
Image From Bloody Ink Exploring The Dark Side Of Goretober Prompts 2023 4 9 16 37 51 Page 4

In conclusion, Catastrophic Cruelties challenge artists to venture beyond boundaries and explore the darker depths of creativity. It’s all about bringing fantasy to life in a way that’ll leave readers hungry for more gore—even if that means nibbling on fingers in the process.

Dreadful Deformations

When it comes to Goretober prompts, dreadful deformations are truly frightening and stomach-turning! This section dives right into three captivating macabre sub-themes: Bone Exposure, Blood Flood, and Surgery Gone Wrong. Let’s see what gory affairs await artists in these grim scenarios.

Bone Exposure

Imagine the sheer terror of seeing bones exposed through torn flesh, mangled limbs, and skin peeled away like an orange. Artists can delight in capturing the marriage of organic textures and grotesque structure, illuminating the body’s inner workings in a spine-chilling display. In this grotesque yet intriguing exploration, pay close attention to the intricate details of various bones, joints, and fractures awaiting discovery beneath the skin.

Blood Flood

Nothing screams horror, quite like a flood of blood. Depicting crimson rivers flowing through the scene, artists can let their imaginations run wild! Picture arterial sprays paint the environment, creating a horrifying masterpiece of gore, fear, and chaos. Remember, this isn’t a gentle trickle; it’s a torrential downpour of blood! Is it one gruesome wound or multiple sources? The decision is in the creative hands of the artist.

Surgery Gone Wrong

Step into the operating room gone awry, where a routine procedure turns into an artistic bloodbath. This prompt challenges artists to envision the horrific aftermath of surgical tools meeting human flesh in the worst possible way. Was it an inexperienced surgeon, a cruel twist of fate, or something even more sinister? Sketch or paint terrifyingly botched surgeries with misplaced stitches, organs, and equipment left behind. In this sub-theme, the only limit is the artist’s nightmarish creativity.

Eerie Encounters

In this chilling section, we will dive into the dark and twisted world of the paranormal. These prompts take your Goretober art to new heights with a spine-tingling supernatural twist.

Plant Growth in Body

As if normal bodily functions were not horrifying enough, imagine the unsettling scene of plants sprouting and taking root within a human body! This prompt challenges artists to portray characters experiencing the eerie sensation of flora gradually invading their system. Be it vines creeping up a victim’s leg or flowers emerging from a corpse; the possibilities are both creepy and strangely fascinating.

Possession or Exorcism

If one thing can send shivers down your spine, it’s the thought of demonic possession or exorcism. Goretober artists can put a gory twist on these classic supernatural events, exploring that fine line between the living and the unyielding grasp of the undead. With this prompt, artists can create hair-raising scenes of characters’ bodies becoming vessels for otherworldly beings, experiencing extreme physical and emotional turmoil as the forces of good and evil battle for control.

Ghostly Apparitions

There is nothing more spine-chilling than an encounter with a ghostly apparition. This prompt encourages artists to delve into the spectral realm, crafting gory scenes where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. It’s frightening and darkly humorous as ghostly beings torment their unsuspecting victims while adding a touch of ectoplasm and perhaps even a few disembodied limbs for good measure.

Frightening Forms

When it comes to Goretober, these prompts are not for the faint-hearted. By creating spooky artwork, the chilling talent of artists truly shines. Just a warning: the descriptions ahead may send shivers down your spine!

Skin Peeling

For those brave enough to explore the realm of skin peeling, this gory prompt adds a hair-raising touch to drawings or paintings. Visualize, if you dare, an unfortunate creature as its skin slowly peels away, revealing the raw tissue beneath.

Artists can think about the cause of this tormenting process, whether it be supernatural, a twisted experiment or simply a poor skincare routine gone horribly wrong. Always remember, though, that it’s all in good fun!

Insects and Arachnids

Another spine-chilling Goretober prompt centers on using creepy crawlies to make viewers squirm. Insects and arachnids bring an additional layer of horror to any artwork. These tiny critters can be seen crawling within their victim’s wounds or completely consuming them from within!

Remember, it’s not about being accurate; it’s all about making the viewer’s skin crawl (both literally and figuratively). A dose of humor might actually help lighten the mood in this case.

Severe Burns

Adding another unsettling prompt to the list, severe burns up the ante in terms of torment. These agonizing scenarios depict charred victims, as if they’ve encountered the fire’s frightening grasp or some chemical mishap.

As equally terrifying as they might be, there’s a silver lining: The healing process provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the resilience of the human spirit. And, of course, it’s imperative to remember that all Goretober endeavors must maintain a lighthearted tone.

Ghastly Goings-on

In this thrill-inducing section, we’ll explore sinister scenarios and nightmarish notions that’ll send chills down the bravest of spines.

Drowning or Suffocation

Imagine a world where every breath is a struggle, and the all-consuming sensation of drowning overwhelms your senses. We’re not talking about your last spin class, but rather, a prompt that demands attention to the harrowing details:

  • The gasping, choking, and desperation to catch one more breath
  • A protagonist’s plea to the abyss for a reprieve
  • The icy fingers of death lurking beneath the surface

Contortion and Unnatural Body Positions

Let’s take a twisted turn, shall we? Elements of dark humor converge with body horror as we explore the world of contortion and unnatural body positions:

  • Characters’ limbs fold, bend, and snap in ways that are – at best – unconventional.
  • The morbid fascination of an audience powerless to look away.
  • Questions of how elasticity can only stretch so far before it breaks.

Entrails and Organs

Finally, let’s get to the guts of this section – literally! Delve into the visceral and macabre world of entrails and organs, where gore enthusiasts will find their true calling:

  • Descriptive passages of organs spilling and slip-sliding away.
  • The unrelenting gore and anatomical accuracy required to appease gore aficionados.
  • A memento mori comes packaged in a spleen or pancreas.

These prompts should plunge you headfirst into the frightful realm of the ghastly and grotesque, leaving a lasting imprint on both the reader and writer. Are you prepared to face the terror?

Horrifying Happenstances

In the eerie domain of Goretober, numerous hair-raising possibilities await brave artists seeking to stir a sense of dread among their audiences. Section 9 of this ghastly creative exploration features some bone-chilling occurrences that will ensure the creeps keep creeping.

Mutations and Deformities

Mutations and deformities offer a horrifying glimpse into the world of twisted biology. Artists may draw inspiration from these unfortunate souls:

  • Two-faced Terrors – Human heads morphed into grotesque dual visages that torment each other in their misery.
  • Fingers of Fear – Extra digits growing from every conceivable part of the body, clawing away at reality in their desperation.
  • Tentacled Nightmares – Mortals contending with monstrous appendages erupting from their forms, eternally struggling against their own existence.

Stitching and Body Modification

The world of stitching and body modification runs rampant with macabre potential. This frightful arena includes inconceivable transmutations:

  1. Skull-topus – Imagine the chilling horror of a cranium merged with the suckered tentacles of a cephalopod, forever seeking to grasp the minds of the living.
  2. Eternal Embrace – A haunting vision of human skin stitched into the cold, unyielding grip of an unforgiving machine.
  3. The Human Hive – Flesh and bone contorted to host a buzzing, crawling mass of insects, leaving humans a mere shell of their former selves.

Blindness or Loss of Senses

The final sub-heading takes artists down the harrowing path of sensory deprivation:

Devastating DeprivationWretched Renderings
The EyelessSockets devoid of sight, disheveled figures groping in eternal darkness, forever aching for the touch of the once-known world.
The NocturnalsWretched creatures rendered noiseless in the absence of sound, suffering the cruel fate of a silent sojourn through their ghastly environment.
Calamitous CravingsForlorn individuals tormented by the absence of taste and smell, shambling through an existence deprived of the very essence of what sustains them.

Through these spine-chilling prompts, artists dare to delve into the heart-racing world of Goretober, captivating and unnerving their audiences with each nightmarish creation.

Icky Incidents

In the realm of Goretober, the icky incidents truly stand out for their imaginative mix of horrifying and comical elements. This section dives into some truly unsettling and darkly delightful prompts that will surely unsettle and entertain.

Deadly Poisons and Toxins

There’s something inherently fascinating about the effects of deadly poisons and toxins on the human body. In this subsection of icky incidents, artists can explore everything from innocuous-looking mushrooms to exotic venomous creatures. The possibilities are endless:

  • Mushroom-infested body parts
  • Fangs dripping with venom
  • Transformation into a venomous creature
  • Creatures made of toxic sludge
  • Victims suffering from gruesome poisoning symptoms

Eldritch Horrors

If you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft or other cosmic horror writings, these prompts are for you. Icky incidents from beyond the stars and within the deepest recesses of the mind will thrill those who dare to delve into the unknown. Some ideas for Eldritch horror prompts include:

  • Unspeakable monstrosities are invading from alternate dimensions.
  • Humanoid creatures with tentacles, eyeballs, or other gruesome appendages.
  • Mad artists are driven to create disturbing, otherworldly masterpieces.
  • Insane experiments blend the borders between the organic and inorganic.
Image From Bloody Ink Exploring The Dark Side Of Goretober Prompts 2023 4 9 16 37 51 Page 5

Puppet or Marionette

There’s something uncanny and downright creepy about puppets and marionettes. In the enchanting world of Goretober, these inanimate objects come to life in the most horrific ways. Here are a few ideas for puppet-themed prompts:

Unraveling puppetA marionette with strings and limbs falling apart as it moves.
Controlled by stringsMultiple marionettes are sewn together, struggling to break free.
Conjoined marionettesAn artist is creating twisted puppets out of unwilling victims.
Psychotic puppeteerAn artist creating twisted puppets out of unwilling victims.

Whether it’s the macabre twists on traditional puppetry or the mind-bending strangeness of Eldritch horrors, this section of icky incidents offers a bizarre mashup of laughs and chills for those who enjoy a side of humor with their horror.

Jarring Juxtapositions

Goretober wouldn’t feel quite right without some truly jarring juxtapositions. In this section, we explore three chilling themes that provide hair-raising inspiration for artists to dig their creative claws into. Remember to have fun and let your twisted imagination run wild.


Artists seeking a cutting-edge prompt might choose dismemberment as their muse. No need to go full Van Gogh, but feel free to get creative with severed limbs and misplaced body parts. A macabre ballet with floating arms and legs? Or a whimsical tea party where the guests have unknowingly replaced their silverware with fingers? Let your sketchbooks bleed with your most grotesquely light-hearted drawings in this theme.

Science Experiment Gone Wrong

When science experiments go wrong, you’re left with a monster of a prompt. Unleash your inner Dr. Frankenstein and create abominable creatures that question the boundaries of humanity. Perhaps it’s a house plant that sprouts human eyeballs or a loyal pet inadvertently fused with its owner. The sky is the limit when it comes to the absurdly eerie aftermath of failed scientific endeavors.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypses have a unique charm that artists can’t resist. Give gouache a new meaning with decaying, brain-craving beings that stumble through hilariously inappropriate situations. Can you envision a zombie dance competition or a determined undead postal worker fighting to keep delivering mail? There’s no shortage of comedic potential when painting the town red with zombie-themed masterpieces.

Kooky Conclusions

As the world of Goretober ends, it’s time to look at some gruesome and kooky conclusions for artists to explore. These prompts inspire and entertain those who dare to enter the gory realm.

Image From Bloody Ink Exploring The Dark Side Of Goretober Prompts 2023 4 9 16 37 51 Page 8

Final Sacrifice

In the spirit of all things macabre, one prompt worth considering is the “final sacrifice.” This could involve drawing a horror scene where a character is offering their own life in exchange for the safety of others. Alternatively, one could portray a heart-wrenching scene where a beloved character sacrifices themselves to save the day. No matter the approach, the final sacrifice theme adds a touch of solemnity and poignancy to any Goretober creation.

Split up

The “split up” prompt is perfect for artists looking to create a truly jarring and unsettling piece. This concept focuses on drawing an individual or group of characters experiencing the unimaginable – their bodies torn apart and separated. This could be happening through supernatural means, or maybe a gruesome event caused the disruption. Regardless of the method, the result is sure to be shocking, and that’s precisely what Goretober enthusiasts crave.

Unexpected Partners in Gore

Humor is always appreciated, even in the world of Goretober. Take the prompt “unexpected partners in gore” for example. This kooky concept encourages artists to pair characters who are complete opposites with gory interactions. Think of classic horror figures like Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster partaking in a blood-soaked tea party or a werewolf and a mummy teaming up for a messy game of Twister. The comedy derives from the absurdity of these iconic monsters in such mundane or playful settings.

These kooky conclusions provide a fitting end to the 31 days of artistic exploration in Goretober. With creative and intriguing themes like the final sacrifice, split up, and unexpected partners in gore, artists can have fun while creating spine-chilling and laughter-inducing images in the spirit of Halloween’s spookiest celebrations.