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Mermay Prompts: Dive into Creative Sea-Inspired Ideas

Mermay is an annual art challenge in May where artists create and share mermaid-themed artwork worldwide. This creative event combines the love for these mythical creatures with individual artistic styles to conjure a vast collection of unique and captivating designs.

As Mermay approaches, many artists are starting to plan their drawings and seek prompts to guide their illustrations throughout the month. One popular source for Mermay prompts is online lists compiled by other artists or enthusiasts. These lists provide ideas, themes, and concepts that participants can follow strictly or utilize as inspiration for their mermaid creations.

Regardless of one’s approach to Mermay, using prompts can help challenge artists to explore new styles and techniques, introduce diverse characters and settings, and push their creative limits. The result is a month filled with stunning mermaid art and an enriching experience that strengthens each participant’s artistic skills and creative prowess.

Coral Reef

Coral reefs are a popular theme for Mermay prompts, providing a vibrant and diverse ecosystem for merfolk and other sea creatures to explore. Within the coral reef theme, artists can dive into various sub-sections, such as:

Deep Sea

Depicting the mysterious depths of the coral reef, artists can focus on the vast array of glowing fish and other bioluminescent creatures that call the deep sea their home. These prompts can be filled with shimmering colors and fantastic designs inspired by real deep-sea life, such as:

  • Anglerfish: known for their bioluminescent lure.
  • Vampire squid: a unique cephalopod with large eyes and red skin.
  • Dumbo octopus: a cute deep-sea dweller with large fins resembling elephant ears.

Pirate Treasure

Every Merfolk story needs a bit of adventure, and pirate treasure is a great source of inspiration for artwork. Artists can develop compelling visuals featuring ancient sunken ships, hidden treasure chests, and various sea creatures guarding their loot. Prompts may include:

  • Merfolk discovering treasure-filled shipwrecks.
  • Creatures like sea serpents or giant octopuses protect valuable loot.
  • Merfolk trading shiny trinkets and pirate jewelry.

Tropical Paradise

The tropical paradise theme is perfect for artists who want to create scenes infused with warm colors and idyllic underwater landscapes. Beautiful coral formations, schools of colorful fish, and crystal-clear waters can complement the merfolk in these prompts, such as:

  • Merfolk playing with dolphins or other friendly marine creatures.
  • Images of serene coral gardens teeming with life.
  • Vibrant, underwater gatherings of merfolk celebrating their rich culture.

With a coral reef theme and these diverse sub-sections, artists have plenty of room for creativity while participating in Mermay. Viewers are sure to be captivated by their enchanting underwater worlds.

Ancient Ruins

As Mermay enthusiasts dive into their creative journeys, “Ancient Ruins” is a fantastic inspiration theme. This section explores three sub-topics that can help participants bring stunning visuals and intriguing narratives to life.

Mythical Creatures

Ancient ruins are ideal settings for incorporating mythical creatures into Mermay designs. These legendary beings can evoke the mystery and allure of long-lost civilizations. Artists might consider integrating:

  • Sea serpents weaving through submerged columns
  • Merfolk discovering statues of ancient deities
  • Guardian creatures protecting hidden treasure troves

By including these mythical elements in their creations, artists can add depth and intrigue to their Mermay scenes.

Moonlit Swim

A moonlit swim through ancient ruins adds an enchanting atmosphere to any Mermay composition. Artists can play with the interplay of light and shadow, reflecting moonbeams off the water’s surface and highlighting the intricate details of the submerged structures. For example:

MoonFull moon casting shimmering light on the sea
WaterCalm, still water enhancing visibility and reflections
RuinsWell-preserved architecture to emphasize ancient beauty

By combining these ideas, artists can create breathtaking moonlit settings for their merfolk characters.

Seashell Collection

Lastly, ancient ruins may provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the unique seashell collections of merfolk. Artists could:

  • Design elaborately decorated shells as trading goods among the merfolk
  • Arrange shells into intricate mosaics on ancient walls
  • Use shells as adornments for merfolk attire or accessories

Infusing these imaginative seashell elements into their artworks allows artists to weave captivating stories while honoring the Mermay tradition.

Siren’s Song

This article section explores the Siren’s Song theme in Mermay prompts. Artists draw inspiration from mythical ocean-dwelling creatures like sirens to create their renditions of these enchanting beings.


Shipwrecks are a popular backdrop for Mermay artworks depicting sirens. In these pieces, sirens are often portrayed as they lure sailors and pirates with their mesmerizing melodies. The visuals often showcase the beauty and danger of the siren amidst the wreckage.

  • Sirens perched on ship remains
  • Stormy seas and dark waters
  • Lost treasures and marine life

Sea Witch

The Sea Witch sub-theme explores the darker side of sirens, portraying them as powerful and malevolent beings. These sorceresses often wield magic to control the sea elements and manipulate mortals.

Magic spellGlowing runes or enchanting hand gestures
Witch’s familiarsDepictions of sinister underwater creatures
Ominous environmentDark waters, haunting caves, and swirling mists

Ocean Royalty

Under the Ocean Royalty sub-theme, sirens are depicted as regal, elegant, and embodying the majesty of the sea. This theme allows artists to experiment with royal attire and grand underwater palaces for their sirens.

  1. Crowns, tiaras, and decadent jewelry
  2. Sea-inspired patterns on fabrics and trinkets
  3. Mythical sea creatures as royal companions

Kelp Forest

The Kelp Forest is a mysterious and magical place for mermay prompts. Set your mermaids and aquatic creatures against the backdrop of swaying kelp, creating a world that is both enchanting and full of surprises. Here are some sub-themes that will bring the Kelp Forest to life:


Turning the focus on bioluminescent plants and creatures adds an otherworldly glow to the Kelp Forest. Artists can experiment with vibrant, glowing colors, emphasizing light and shadow to create surreal underwater scenes. Think of luminous jellyfish, shimmering algae, and mermaids adorned with glowing accessories illuminating the kelp as they swim through it.

Beach Party

Shift the atmosphere of the Kelp Forest to vibrant and fun with a beach party theme. Mermaids and sea creatures join in dancing, playing games, and enjoying good company. Picture merfolk playing catch with sea urchins, an octopus serving as a DJ, and creatures gathering together for a grand feast among the kelp.

Undersea Explorer

Unleash the Kelp Forest’s adventurous spirit by following an undersea explorer’s journey. Take inspiration from real-life ocean adventurers and create characters that explore and document the wonders of the Kelp Forest. Perhaps some hidden treasure lies within the tangled kelp, or ancient secrets are waiting to be discovered, sparking deep curiosity and wonder.

These sub-themes and ideas can be easily mixed, matched, or adapted to suit the artist’s unique style and preferences. Enjoy diving into the Kelp Forest and creating a spectacular underwater world for this year’s mermay prompts.

Mermaid Warrior

The Mermaid Warrior theme offers an epic and adventurous approach to the world of Mermay! This section will discover a few engaging prompts to spark creativity.

Lost City

Mermaid warriors stumble upon a sunken, ancient city hidden beneath the waves. It’s a place of intrigue, mystery, and possibly, danger.

They cautiously explore the ruins and discover artifacts and remnants of a once-great civilization. But what happened to the city’s inhabitants, and is there a hidden treasure waiting to be found?

Some things to include in your art or writings are:

  • An intricate city layout with architectural marvels
  • Faded murals and ancient inscriptions speak of a lost past
  • A powerful relic or artifact hidden within the depths of the city

Forbidden Love

Mermaid warriors often face immense challenges, and love is no exception. In this theme, a mermaid warrior falls for someone they should never have loved – perhaps a rival merfolk from another faction, a human from the surface, or even a dangerous creature.

Their love will be filled with passion, secrecy, and the ever-present risk of being discovered by their people.

Consider these story elements:

  • Secret rendezvous in hidden underwater caves or the surface world
  • A heart-wrenching decision to choose between love and duty
  • An unexpected alliance forged between the lovers against common enemies

Sea Shanty

Good mermaid warriors have a sea shanty to inspire camaraderie and courage in the face of danger. Think of an original sea shanty that captures the spirit of this valiant merfolk.

Include elements like:

  • A memorable, rhythmic melody that echoes the rolling waves and clashing tides
  • Powerful lyrics that tell the tale of the warriors’ deeds and victories
  • A catchy chorus that can be sung proudly by both mermaids and merman

By incorporating these sub-themes into your Mermay prompts, your Mermaid Warrior art and stories will be filled with excitement and emotion that will undoubtedly captivate your audience.

Island Castaway

For those who adore a tale of adventure and the call of the sea, the Island Castaway theme for Mermay prompts is bound to spark inspiration. Envision a magical and mysterious island filled with enchanting experiences and delightful encounters. This section delves into three sub-categories: Whimsical Cove, Sea Creature Friends, and Stormy Waters.

Whimsical Cove

In this enchanting locale, mermaids and mermen bask in the beauty of their charming cove. Imagine the crystal-clear waters, sparkling sands, and colorful coral reefs that provide a picturesque backdrop for their gleeful activities. Underwater caves offer secret hideouts, while lush underwater flora sways gently in the current.

Sea Creature Friends

The Island Castaway theme would not be complete without the diverse sea creatures accompanying merfolk on their adventures. The vibrant marine life makes every merfolk adventure extraordinary, from playful dolphins to bashful sea turtles, friendly octopuses, and wise seahorses. Introduce unique connections or coexisting harmony between merfolk and marine animals.

Stormy Waters

Every adventure has its challenges, and in the Island Castaway theme, merfolk sometimes face the perils of stormy waters. These tempestuous conditions allow artists to explore emotions such as courage, determination, and resilience. Capture the drama and intensity of the raging sea as our brave merfolk navigate enraged waves and overcome unexpected obstacles.

Embracing the Island Castaway theme for Mermay prompts allows artists to unleash their creativity, explore a world of wonder and whimsy, and celebrate merfolk’s magical allure and mesmerizing aquatic environment.

Mermaid’s Lagoon

As artists and enthusiasts dive into Mermay, the Mermaid’s Lagoon provides a treasure trove of inspiration. This year’s prompts focus on themes that bring depth and imagination to the underwater realm.

Nautical Fashion

Mermaids are known for their unique and captivating style. The Nautical Fashion sub-section explores the many facets of sea-inspired attire. Participants are encouraged to design outfits that mix elements of the deep sea with modern-day fashion.

  • Seashell accessories
  • Flowing, aquatic fabrics
  • Marine motifs

Seafaring Adventure

Stirring tales of pirates, explorers, and mythical creatures abound in the Seafaring Adventure sub-section. Artists should concentrate on illustrating captivating scenes that highlight the thrill of oceanic voyages.

Pirate adventuresHidden treasure, stormy seas
Mythical sea creaturesKraken, sirens, sea serpents

Underwater Garden

The Underwater Garden sub-section transforms the ocean’s depths into a flourishing, vibrant sanctuary. This theme challenges artists to depict the colorful life found beneath the waves, from coral reefs to the tiniest of sea creatures.

  1. Coral reefs and sea plants
  2. Delicate fish and invertebrates
  3. Aquatic landscapes

These sub-sections offer just a glimpse of the creative possibilities in the Mermaid’s Lagoon. Each artist can explore these themes and make them their own, producing unique and memorable Mermay masterpieces.

Crystal Cave

In this article’s final section, we explore the enchanting world of the Crystal Cave. The Crystal Cave offers an alluring backdrop for Mermay prompts, with its sparkling walls and mystical atmosphere. The vivid colors and unique formations in this aquatic realm inspire creativity and breathe life into fantastical tales of merfolk.

Ocean’s Embrace

Within the Crystal Cave depths, merfolk celebrate the Ocean’s Embrace, a significant event in their culture. During this time, they adorn themselves with gemstones and other precious materials in the cave. The following are a few prompt ideas inspired by the Ocean’s Embrace:

  • Write a story about a young mermaid who discovers a rare gem, unlocking her hidden powers.
  • Describe a scene where merfolk participate in a captivating, synchronized dance beneath the shimmering lights of the Crystal Cave.
  • Create a tale about an unlikely friendship between two rival Merfolk tribes during the Ocean’s Embrace celebration.

Farewell to Mermay

As the month of Mermay ends, merfolk say farewells to the dazzling Crystal Cave. Before the enchanted underwater realm recedes into the shadows, the merfolk commemorate their experiences and the memories created during this magical time.

For prompts in this sub-section, consider the following:

  • Write a heartfelt letter between two merfolk friends who must part ways as Mermay concludes.
  • Tell the story of how a wise, old merfolk leader shares the legends of the Crystal Cave with the younger generation.
  • Create a scene where the merfolk share their favorite memories of Mermay, expressing gratitude and admiration for the beauty of the Crystal Cave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mermay?

Mermay is a month-long art challenge in May, where artists create and share mermaid-themed artwork daily. Participants often use social media to post their creations and hashtag #Mermay.

What are Mermay prompts?

Mermay prompts are ideas or themes that inspire artists during the Mermay challenge. Each day in May is associated with a different prompt, encouraging artists to explore various aspects of mermaid lore and underwater scenes.

How do I participate in Mermay?

To participate in Mermay, create mermaid-themed artwork daily throughout May, using the provided prompts as inspiration. Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #Mermay and interact with fellow artists and enthusiasts.

Can I create my prompts or modify the existing ones?

Yes, you can create your prompts or modify the existing ones. The goal of Mermay is to encourage creativity and exploration of mermaid-themed art, so feel free to personalize your Mermay experience.

Do I have to create artwork for every prompt or participate every day?

There is no strict rule that you must create artwork for every prompt or participate daily. The challenge is designed to be fun and engaging, so you can participate as much or as little as you like. Some artists create art for only a few prompts, while others take on the entire month.

What types of art can I create for Mermay?

You can create any art for Mermay, including traditional, digital, 3D, and more. The challenge is open to all mediums, and artists are encouraged to use their preferred method of artistic expression.

Where can I share my Mermay artwork?

Mermay artwork can be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Be sure to use the hashtag #Mermay when sharing your art to connect with the Mermay community and discover other artists’ creations.