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The following are the tools and apps we use at Brilliantio in our content planning, writing, and publishing for this website and elsewhere.

These are affiliate links. We have tested them all and use them daily.



Rocket is a fantastic WordPress web host we use on all our sites (including. this one). It uses Cloudflare Enterprise at a surprisingly reasonable price, meaning ultra-fast and reliable page load. Try putting one of our article URLs into, and you’ll see what we mean! Rocket’s support is also first-class.

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Link Whisper

This an easy way to add links to your site and articles to get extra link juice for SEO purposes.

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Low Fruits

LowFruits is a superb solution to one of the main challenges of being found on Google: discovering so-called ‘longtail’ keywords for which you can rank. It enables you to find topics and competitors rapidly. It works on a credit system, so you only pay for what you need (no monthly subscription). Buy here to get extra 10% credit.

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Sudowrite is an excellent and intuitive Al Writing assistant. Ideal for content writers and fiction authors, it enables very fast and contextually accurate suggestions. Now in Beta with a waiting list, you get priority immediate access via our link, plus a free trial.

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Jasper is the best Al Copywriting assistant on the market. It handles both short and long-form copywriting with ease and gets excellent results.

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Frase is one of the best all-around content research and production tools. It covers all content planning, outlining, and optimization stages. SEO data and Al Writing add-ons are also available. You get a 7-day trial for $1.

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