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Unleash Your Creativity: 68 Sparkling Writing Prompts for Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to unleash your creativity! Here are 50 writing prompts to help get you started. These prompts will help you tap into your inner writer and produce some amazing content. So get creative and have fun with them!

Questions to Stimulate Your Creativity

Writing prompts are a great way to boost your creativity and get your juices flowing. They can be used as writing exercises or as part of a larger project.

Here are some great questions to get you started:

  1. How do you feel about Wednesdays?
  2. What’re you looking forward to on Wednesdays?
  3. What’s the best Wednesday you’ve ever had?
  4. What’s the worst Wednesday you’ve ever experienced?
  5. What do you like best about a Wednesday?
  6. Do you like to get up early on Wednesdays or sleep in?
  7. What do you eat for breakfast on Wednesdays…or skip it?
  8. Are there any special activities on Wednesdays at your church that you look forward to each week?
  9. What’s your favorite thing to do on Wednesdays when it’s raining outside?
  10. If it were up to you, would there be more or fewer Wednesdays in the year? Why or why not?
  11. If someone wrote a book about all the things that happen on a Wednesday – what would happen in that book, and who’d the characters be?
  12. What would you do if you had a day off?
  13. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Wednesday?
  14. What do you like least about a Wednesday?
  15. If Wednesday were a person, what would they look like?
  16. If Wednesday were a place, what would it look like?
  17. If Wednesday were an animal, what animal would it be and why?
  18. If Wednesday were a sound, what kind of sound would it be and why?
  19. If Wednesday were a color, what color would it be?
  20. What do you think would happen if Wednesday didn’t exist at all?
  21. If Wednesday were an object, what object would it be and why?
  22. If Wednesday were a food, what food would it be and why?
  23. Write a poem about Wednesday.
  24. Write a short story that takes place on Wednesday.
  25. Write an adventure story that takes place in space and is set on a Wednesday! We’re in!
  26. Write about what you think about Wednesday and why you think that way (positive or negative). Don’t hold back – we want to know everything!
  27. What’re your plans for the rest of the day?
  28. What one thing are you grateful for today?
  29. Do you have a recurring Wednesday ritual?
  30. What’s a Wednesday memory from your childhood?
  31. If you could make a rule for Wednesday, what would it be?
  32. Do you’ve any superstitions about Wednesdays?
  33. If you could live on any day of the week, which one would it be and why?
  34. Write down an interesting fact about Wednesdays in general (this can be from real life or fiction).
  35. If you had to choose one Wednesday activity, what would it be?

Story Starters

It’s not always easy to write stories. Sometimes we just can’t find the right words or ideas to start writing. In such cases, story starters are very helpful.

They can help you get started writing, no matter what kind of story you want to write or what genre it’s.

  1. When I was a kid, Wednesday was a day of great importance.
  2. Washing the car on Wednesday is like a ritual for me.
  3. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday!
  4. I love going to bed early on Wednesday nights because it makes me feel like everything is ending, and I can relax and enjoy the time I’ve left before Thursday starts again.
  5. Wednesdays are all about having fun!
  6. The best part about Wednesdays is seeing my friends at the weekly dance class!
  7. Working retail makes me sad most days of the year – but not on Wednesday!
  8. Every Wednesday morning, I smile before my alarm rings because I know I have a great day waiting for me!
  9. It’s Wednesday, so I’m going out for drinks with friends, even though I’m not really in the mood to do anything.
  10. I feel this Wednesday will go by incredibly fast because there’s not much on my schedule today and tomorrow is Friday!
  11. Wednesday is a good day for a cupcake, but if you eat one on Tuesday, you might feel guilty eating another one on Thursday – so why not just eat two cupcakes on Wednesday?
  12. On Wednesday, when everyone is rushing around making lists to get ready for the weekend, I take a moment to think about all the good in my life, but one thing at a time – and it’s something good!
  13. My favorite thing about Wednesday is when it finally feels like Friday again, but then it’s not Friday yet, and you’ve to wait another day for it to be Friday again!
  14. Wednesday is just not a good day for me, so I try not to do anything exciting that day.
  15. I’ve always hated Wednesdays because I think they’re boring and uneventful, so I’m looking forward to today!
  16. I love this time of year because it feels like everything is starting to happen again – especially on Wednesdays!
  17. We’re already halfway through the week? Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!
  18. I love this time of year because it feels like everything is starting to happen again – especially on Wednesdays!
  19. Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that I set out to do… but then I remind myself that life isn’t about how much you get done, it’s about how much fun you’ve doing it!
  20. I will spend this Wednesday thinking about how I can be a better person.
  21. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it’s always sunny on Wednesdays. That means you get to play outside with your friends all day!
  22. I love Wednesdays because they’re a great day to just relax after a long work week and a busy weekend!
  23. It’s a beautiful day, and I’ll spend it outside…
  24. I like to think of Wednesday as a chance to return.
  25. The best part about going to work on Wednesday is sleeping in on Thursday morning.
  26. Wednesday is always better than Monday.
  27. Wednesday makes me feel like a kid again.
  28. If I could pick one day of the week to spend the rest of my life on, it would be Wednesday.
  29. Wednesday is also the day of the week that I’ve to do all the laundry by myself because my partner is at work all day.
  30. It’s Wednesday, and it’s raining outside.
  31. Wednesday is the day of the week you’re supposed to wear purple.
  32. Today is Wednesday, and no meetings are scheduled at work – what a relief!
  33. Today is Wednesday, and I’m having a really good day!

The questions and story starters above will get you thinking about your writing.

You can use them for your journal, blog, or social media posts. You should always write about something important to you. You don’t have to answer all the questions or use all the prompts if you don’t want to.