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What Can I Learn Online for Free: Top Resources and Courses to Boost Your Skills

The internet has opened opportunities for those seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. You can learn about various subjects with countless free online resources without spending a dime. From academic subjects to hobbies and interests, there’s no limit to the areas you can explore and master at your own pace.

Online learning platforms like Khan Academy and Coursera offer free courses across various disciplines – from language learning and coding skills to health and fitness. These courses cater to different learning styles and allow you to progress at your own pace, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced learners.

Whether you’re looking to improve your professional skills, learn a new hobby, or broaden your knowledge, the power of the internet has made it easier than ever to access valuable educational resources for free. It’s time to take advantage of these opportunities and maximise your online learning experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Online learning platforms offer free courses across various disciplines.
  • Free educational resources cater to different learning styles and skill levels.
  • Access to knowledge and skills development has never been easier with the internet.

Academic Resources

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

You can find many free online courses from top universities and institutions through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses allow you to study various subjects in a flexible, accessible manner. For instance, Stanford Online offers many free health & medicine, education, engineering, and arts & humanities courses. Similarly, Harvard University’s Professional and Lifelong Learning provides free courses in programming, health & medicine, and more.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are a great option if you’re interested in learning specific skills or subjects in smaller, more manageable sections. Numerous websites and platforms provide free tutorials, ranging from coding and programming to design and marketing. You can explore websites like Khan Academy, which provides free online courses, lessons, and practice materials for various subjects, including math, science, and humanities.

Open Courseware

Open Courseware refers to the free educational resources available online, usually provided by universities and other educational institutions. These resources include textbooks, lecture notes, assignments, and other course materials. Some popular open courseware websites include Coursera’s collection of free courses and Coursera’s free online courses you can finish in a day. These platforms allow you to access and learn from top-quality educational resources without enrolling in a formal degree program.

Programming and Coding Skills

Online platforms offer a multitude of free resources to learn programming and coding. These skills can help you build a career in web development, mobile app development, data science, and machine learning.

Web Development

Web development involves designing, building, and maintaining websites. You can learn essential skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from platforms like Codecademy and freeCodeCamp. You’ll gain hands-on experience and knowledge to create responsive and interactive web pages through these resources.

  • HTML: The foundation of website structure, HTML is essential for creating web pages.
  • CSS: The language responsible for styling web pages, CSS allows you to control the layout, colors, and fonts.
  • JavaScript: The scripting language enabling interactivity on web pages, JavaScript is crucial for implementing dynamic elements.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development focuses on creating applications for smartphone devices. You can explore Android and iOS development on platforms such as Codecademy to get started. Key technologies you’ll encounter include:

  • Android Development: Learn to create apps for Android devices using Java or Kotlin.
  • iOS Development: Build apps for Apple devices using Swift or Objective-C.

Data Science

The field of data science involves analyzing and interpreting complex datasets. You can study data science for free on various platforms like Coursera. Essential skills in this field include:

  • Python: A versatile and user-friendly programming language, Python is widely used in data analysis.
  • R: A powerful language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
  • SQL: Learn Structured Query Language to manage and manipulate relational databases.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on creating algorithms capable of learning and improving over time. Various online platforms, such as Coursera, provide free courses to teach you popular machine learning tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Key concepts in machine learning include:

  • Supervised Learning: Training algorithms using labeled datasets.
  • Unsupervised Learning: Algorithms learn from data without explicit labels.
  • Deep Learning: A subset of machine learning that uses neural networks to model complex patterns in data.

You can use free online resources to equip yourself with programming and coding skills across various domains. With dedication and consistent practice, you’ll be well on your way to mastering these valuable abilities.


Foreign Languages

There are numerous resources available online for learning foreign languages for free. One of the most popular platforms is Duolingo, which offers quick and engaging lessons designed to develop real-world communication skills. It supports an extensive list of languages, including but not limited to:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian

Similarly, Mondly provides a platform for learning 41 languages through easy and effective courses. These courses allow you to study at your own pace and can be accessed on any device.

For a more comprehensive list of free language resources, you can explore the Open Culture website, which features lessons in 48 languages, including some less common ones.

Sign Language

Learning sign language for free is achievable online as well. Websites like offer beginner-level video lessons in American Sign Language (ASL), while focuses on British Sign Language (BSL).

Furthermore, several YouTube channels offer instructional videos and sign-along to music in various sign languages, allowing you to learn and practice alongside them. For example, the Bill Vicars channel focuses on ASL lessons, while Charlie Swinbourne shares BSL tutorials and stories.

Remember, consistency and practice are key to becoming fluent in any language. With these resources and your dedication, you’ll be well on your way to learning new languages for free online.

Arts and Music

Drawing and Painting

Regardless of your current skill level in drawing or painting, there are numerous free resources to learn online. One excellent option is Khan Academy, which offers free online courses covering various aspects of art education for every student. Dive into their extensive library, and improve your drawing and painting techniques at your own pace.

Many universities also provide free online art classes, like the 10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online. These art courses cover a wide range of topics, from ancient Egypt’s art and archaeology to the development of the artistic avant-garde. Invest some time in these courses and develop your skills further in drawing and painting.

Instrument Lessons

Are you a music enthusiast wanting to learn or improve your skills on a new instrument? Free online tutorials and courses are available for almost any instrument, and you can find some of the best resources on websites like Alison and Coursera.

For example, on Alison, you can explore a Diploma in Music Theory, where you’ll learn essential music theory concepts like rhythm, melody, and the different structures of music. Coursera also offers specialized courses, like Introduction to Classical Music from Yale University, which provides an excellent foundation for understanding and appreciating classical music.

If you’re interested in learning specific instruments, many YouTube channels offer free tutorials and lessons on guitar, piano, drums, and more. Combine these resources with dedication and practice to enhance your musical prowess.

Soft Skills

Learning soft skills online for free is possible and can significantly elevate your career and personal well-being. Some essential soft skills you can focus on include communication, time management, and project management.


Effective communication is essential in both professional and personal settings. Online platforms such as Google Digital Garage and Coursera offer free courses that can help you develop strong communication skills. By taking these courses, you’ll learn techniques for clear and concise verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and overcoming communication barriers.

Time Management

Mastering time management is crucial for productivity and stress reduction. You can find free online courses on edx that focus on time management techniques and tools. These courses will teach you to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, and create effective schedules. By improving your time management skills, you can use your day better and accomplish more in less time.

Project Management

While project management may seem more specialized, it often incorporates various soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and resourcefulness. Platforms like Coursera and High Demand Skills offer free online courses that explore essential project management techniques. These courses teach you how to initiate, plan, execute, and close projects effectively. Developing your project management skills can significantly increase your chances of delivering successful projects and meeting goals.

Hobbies and Interests


Gardening is an inexpensive and rewarding hobby you can start in your backyard. Not only does it help you connect with nature, but it also promotes mental and physical health. Plenty of free online resources are available to help you learn gardening from scratch or improve your existing skills. Begin with tutorials on soil preparation, planting seeds, and maintaining plants.

Some popular free gardening resources include:

  • YouTube channels featuring expert advice and hands-on demonstrations
  • Blogs with tips on growing specific plants or tackling common gardening challenges
  • Online forums where you can connect with other gardeners to exchange knowledge and advice

Cooking and Baking

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a skilled home cook, numerous free online cooking classes can help you develop your culinary skills and learn new recipes—platforms like SkillShare offer various lessons tailored to different cuisines, dietary restrictions, and skill levels.

Consider exploring:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials for preparing specific dishes
  • In-depth articles explaining cooking techniques and ingredient substitutions
  • Masterclasses from renowned chefs covering kitchen basics and advanced culinary concepts


You can start capturing images for personal or professional use with a camera or smartphone. There’s a wealth of free photography resources online, including:

  • Video tutorials on topics like composition, shutter speed, and lighting
  • Articles and blogs with tips on editing and post-processing techniques
  • Online forums and social media communities where photographers share inspiration and advice

Investing in a hobby helps you expand your knowledge and develop new skills, ultimately enriching your life. Use free online resources to explore gardening, cooking, or photography and uncover your untapped passions.

Health and Fitness

Yoga and Meditation

You can learn yoga and meditation online for free to improve your physical and mental health. Various websites and platforms offer beginner-focused classes and advanced practices for more experienced individuals. For example, Free Online Health and Fitness Courses by Alison provides online courses that can help you start your journey toward better health and fitness. Moreover, you can find many yoga tutorials on YouTube, catering to different levels of expertise.

Consider apps such as Insight Timer and Headspace to enhance your meditation practice, which offers free guided meditation sessions. These tools can be helpful to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Workout Routines

Additionally, you can find numerous online resources to help you create and follow workout routines at home without needing a gym membership. Platforms like Free Online Fitness Courses give you access to various training videos and information about physical education, basic physiology, and more.

Websites like Fitness Blender and offer:

  • Complete workout plans
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Nutritional guidance

By exploring these resources, you can customize a fitness program tailored to your specific goals: weight loss, muscle building, or overall health improvement.

In summary, online learning about health and fitness can be a powerful and free way to improve overall well-being. Utilizing these online courses and tutorials, you can develop your knowledge of yoga, meditation, and workout routines to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular platforms to learn new skills for free?

There are several platforms where you can learn new skills for free. Some popular options include Coursera, which offers free courses and certifications, Harvard University’s free courses covering a variety of subjects, and Open University’s OpenLearn, where anyone can learn for free.

Which online courses offer free certificates upon completion?

Many online platforms offer free courses with certificates upon completion. For example, Coursera provides a wide range of free courses with certifications, covering various disciplines and industry domains.

How can I find enjoyable free online classes?

To find enjoyable free online classes, explore well-known platforms like Coursera, Harvard University’s free courses, and Open University’s OpenLearn. Browse their course offerings and read course descriptions, reviews, and ratings to find one that suits your interests.

What free online courses are available for adults?

Free online courses for adults span various subjects, from business and technology to arts and humanities. Platforms like Coursera, Harvard University, and Open University offer free courses for adult learners, covering topics such as game development, effective communication, and even history or philosophy.

Where can I find free certificate courses provided by Google?

Google offers free courses and certifications in essential digital skills and tools through Google Digital Garage. Completing these courses can help enhance your knowledge in digital marketing, data analysis, and web development.

What are the best free online courses to enhance my knowledge?

The “best” free online courses depend on your interests, goals, and existing knowledge. Browse course catalogs on Coursera, Harvard University, and Open University to find courses that align with your needs and aspirations. By exploring various subjects, you’ll discover which courses can truly enhance your knowledge and skills.