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Why I Dislike Routine (and What to Do About It)

We humans just love to change things up. In a world that seems boring and ordinary in most aspects, we all love to break out of our comfort zone and become someone new.

However, a daily routine has been proven to be beneficial for our mental health, adult ADHD, anxiety disorder, stress, and even depression.

Just because you have a daily routine does not mean it has to be boring. You still have the opportunity to make choices in your daily life that are not part of your strict routine.

In this article, I’ll list some ways you can spice up your routine to make it more fun!

Why Does Routine Scare Me?

A routine is a set of habits or procedures that are followed regularly. I do not know about you, but in my experience, routines are often associated with negative feelings, like being in a rut or bored.

As a creative person, I used to find it hard to have a routine for too long. For a long time, I looked for new things to inspire me, and then I lost track of what my daily routine should look like. But routines are healthy habits that are very important to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

A routine, if you know what you want to accomplish, is the key to success.

Of course, life is unpredictable, and sometimes you have to change your plan, but if you have a plan, you can be sure that at least every day you are making progress in some way.

Often we think that we can not find inspiration or motivation in our daily activities because our daily routine may not be as exciting as another important thing we would rather be doing, but there are still things that happen every day that are available to us in our daily life. It’s just a matter of paying attention to everything that’s happening around you.

How to Spot the Little Thing That Can Change Your Routine

A routine is a sequence of steps or actions that are repeated and performed regularly. It is a way to structure your daily activities. It is the basis for good habits.

If you do the same things in the same order every day, you do not have to worry about what to do next. You simply follow the same routine behavior. This saves mental energy and helps you focus on the task at hand.

A way to break routine predictability is to do something that is different from what you usually do. This can be a small change – such as eating lunch in a different place than where you normally eat.

Routines Are an Important Part of Life

Predictability is attractive because it provides a sense of stability and control in an uncertain world. We like to know what’s coming. But it is also easy to reject it because it can lead to boredom and lack of motivation.

Routines are an important part of life. Without them, we would be forced to make choices all the time, such as when to eat and when to sleep. This can be annoying, especially if the decisions do not turn out well, and it would create ongoing stress.

That’s why most people wake up at the same time every day and do regular tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at roughly the same times every day.

It’s also why so many people have trouble sleeping when they travel across time zones or stay up late on weekends. Their sleep behavior is disrupted, and that causes stress because we are not sure how our bodies will react.

The same thing happens when you try something new: You may not know what to expect, and that makes you anxious, too.

How to Make Your Routine More Enjoyable

One way to make your routine more enjoyable is to find a way to take control of it. I do not just mean changing your behavior at work. I mean by feeling like you have control over your daily life (e.g., morning routine, evening routine).

From high school to being a ‘multipreneur’, I have realized that it’s the lack of control over our daily routine that gives us boredom and negative thoughts.

If you do not know what you are doing, when you are doing it, and why you are doing it, any routine quickly becomes a grind. But if you can find a way to feel like you are in control, everything will be different.

I know there are some situations where you have no control at all. For example, when your boss forces you to work on a task against your willpower.

But even in these extreme cases, it is possible to feel like you are in control. And that sense of control can go a long way toward making the situation more bearable and perhaps even (to some degree) enjoyable.

It’s hard to admit to ourselves, but most of us are used to having our routines dictated by outside forces – our bosses, traffic on the way home, or even homework for those who have it.

The point is, we are not in control of everything. We just do what we have to do. But why shouldn’t we have a little fun in the process?

10 Ways to Make Your Routine More Enjoyable

1. Make Your Commute More Interesting

The average worker spends at least half an hour commuting to and from work every day. That’s a lot of time spent alone and in traffic!

Make your commute something to look forward to by taking the bus or carpooling with colleagues, listening to an audiobook or podcast on the way to the office, or simply driving with the windows down and the music loud.

If you drive, take advantage of traffic apps. Knowing what’s coming will not help you avoid traffic altogether, but it makes things easier if you have a plan for avoiding congestion. And when you are not stuck in traffic, it’s much more enjoyable to sit in your car. Get moving before you sit at work all day. If you can walk or bike to work, you can

2. Have a Morning Routine That Gets You Excited as Soon as You Wake Up

No one automatically wakes up in the morning with enthusiasm. We all do it simply because we have to.

The secret to enjoying your morning routine is to make it exciting. I have been doing that for some time now, and I am excited to share my experience with you.

No one automatically wakes up in the morning with joy. We all do it simply because we have to.

When you enjoy your daily habits, they become less routine and more fun.

For example, before I started my own business, I had to go to the office every day, and I found that changing my morning routine could completely change my day, so I got up earlier so I had time to play chess and listen to my favorite music before I went to work. This way, instead of feeling like work was controlling me, I felt like I had full control over my routine because I could choose how my day started. Although I’m not a morning person, this gave me the motivation to wake up early, and it also gave me a positive feeling, which helped me to be more proactive at work.

The same goes for your evening routine, the most important thing is to find at least one enjoyable thing per day.

3. Find Something You Love About Each Task on Your To-Do List

It’s easy to get in the habit of doing things because you have to rather than doing them because you want to, but it’s important to find ways to make the things you have to do more enjoyable. If you find yourself bored or uninspired by your routine, here are some tips on how to make your daily tasks more fun.

  • Find something you love about each task on your to-do list. Do not think of email as a chore, think of it as a way to connect with people you care about. Do not dread writing reports – think about how nice it will be when they are done and no longer sitting on your desk.
  • Celebrate small successes. You do not have to wait until the end of the day or a big project to celebrate your successes – do a little happy dance every time you check something off your list (or at least pat yourself on the back inside!).
  • Make lists and check items off as you work. When you see the progress, each task seems less daunting and more motivating.
  • Reward yourself for completing big projects or goals. This may mean buying yourself lunch or a nice bottle of wine to celebrate.

4. Take Control of Social Activities

There are many reasons why you feel like you have fallen into a rut. Maybe you feel like there’s nothing to do or that your friends have turned their backs on you. Maybe there’s something about you that makes it hard to go out and meet new people.

Whatever the reason, there are many ways to change things up and live a more interesting life.

  • Try something new. Every new experience adds a little variety to your life. Go to a new restaurant, take an art class, or volunteer at a local charity. You can even try working part-time in a completely different profession. For example, if you work in retail, why not try an office job?
  • Join a club. Joining a club is easy as long as you know what you want to do. Check out sports clubs in your area or look for groups that get together for other interests – science fiction novels, for example. You can even start your own club if none of the existing ones appeal to you.
  • Get fit. A physical activity or exercise isn’t only good for the body, it also boosts self-esteem and is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Sign up for

5. Take Time for Yourself

Time for myself is very important. Whether it’s treating yourself to a manicure, going for a jog, taking five minutes each morning to quietly meditate, going for a walk by yourself after lunch, or taking a bath before dinner.

Taking quiet, uninterrupted time to focus on something you enjoy can reduce stress and increase your productivity throughout the day.

6. Don’t Save Chores for the Weekend

Cleaning the house is the task that often gets put off until Saturday or Sunday – but that also means you’re probably not looking forward to them. If you can chores during the week so you’ve less to do on the weekend and more time for physical activity and workout, leisure, and relaxation.

If your kids are in high school, they’re at an age where they can help you if they don’t have to do homework. They don’t have to carry the whole load alone, and it’ll teach them a good habit, improve their behavior and distract them from social media anxiety.

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7. Make Room for Friends and Family

You may not have time for happy hour or dinner with friends every night of the week.

Try to make it a habit and schedule time for a social gathering at least once a week.

This will help you relax and recharge your batteries for the week ahead, and it’s much better than small talk on social media. You may even release them from anxiety by setting a one-weekly evening routine!

If you have a young child, spend more time playing with him, because kids are very good at showing us how to break a routine.

8. Experiment With New Foods

If you cook at home, try new recipes or use ingredients you’re less familiar with or have never tried before. If you’re eating out, visit a nearby restaurant you haven’t tried before or order something off the menu that sounds interesting.

9. Keep Your Favorite Things Close By

You don’t need fancy equipment – a pen, a notebook, and a good book can pass the time well on your way to work or during a boring task at work. Keep these things handy so they’re always within reach when you need them.

10. Plan Your Next Vacation

A vacation is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries.

It’s good to get away from everyday life and be somewhere different. It’s good to see something new and experience things you don’t normally do.

But there are other ways to recharge your batteries without taking a week or two off and spending money on a trip. You can make small changes in your everyday life that will make life more enjoyable.

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