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Words That Are Empowering

Encouraging words are a great thing that can give you not only courage but also happiness if used properly and in time… they can actually empower you?

There are many empowering words you can use when speaking or writing a letter, and it’s also helpful for anger management or simply delegating power.

These Words Can Greatly Affect Your Mood and Self-Esteem

Fortunately, there are also many words that make you feel strong.

Empowerment through the use of empowering words is often used in movements that promote feminism, and it works. There have never been as many young women becoming a founder or even achieving higher status as an employee as there are today in the tech world for example. Words that empower people can be a noun, adjectives, positive words, or sometimes even a negative word.

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire

Whether you’re a young person or an older person, there’s always a stage in life when you need to take back control of your life and give yourself enough authority so that you’ve enough confidence to achieve your goals.

You can see this phrase as a reminder to ignore the voices telling you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, or talented enough, and not let fear stop you from being who you’re and living your best life. Be curious and keep learning. Be brave and go after what makes your heart beat faster. Be brave and use your voice, especially when it feels uncomfortable to do so.

You’re So Much More Than Your Physical Body

You’re so much more than your physical body. You’re a soul that houses a human form for a short time, but the essence of who you are is much greater than that.

You’ve many parts that aren’t physical: your mind, your heart, your soul. In these parts lies the true strength and beauty of who you’re. As much as we value these things about ourselves, we easily forget them when we feel physically weak or ugly. But you must remember that these non-physical things make up you and that you should value them just as much as your physical self.

While being healthy is important, it shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you. Your body isn’t your only asset! Never forget the value of all that lies beneath the surface of what others can see.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Take a Risk. Grow.

The world is full of magic and wonder, but it’s also full of discoveries, knowledge, experience, and wisdom that you don’t yet know.

Open Your Eyes to the World Around You and Begin to Learn All It Has to Offer!

As the saying goes, “I’ve no special talents – I’m just passionately curious…”.

Start exploring and discovering new things today!

No Is a Powerful Word


That’s all you need to say, but if you want, you can add a simple explanation, such as:

“No, thank you.”

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“No, I’ve other plans.” (even if it’s to sit on the couch with ice cream).

“Just no!” (But don’t offer an excuse or justification – anything beyond that makes the person push further for a yes and can make it harder for everyone involved.

“No” may sound like a negative word or a sanction, but sometimes it can be an empowering word that gives you more strength and power to move forward, and helps you find the right mindset toward the person you’re dealing with, rather than using related words that diminish your power over your own life.

You Aren’t Your Past or Your Failures

You aren’t your past or your failures. You’ve done things you regret, but those actions don’t make you human. Nor do your failures make you who you’re. If you fail at something, it doesn’t make you a failure.

When we think about our past and our failures, we often tend to be hard on ourselves and think about all the things we could’ve done better and the mistakes we made. But these negative thoughts only prevent us from moving forward because they become such a loud voice in our head that they drown out all other voices of reason or hope. To overcome these negative thoughts, you must recognize them for what they’re: an illusion-an image created by fear – that keeps you from being happy and successful in life.

If you struggle with these concepts, don’t hesitate to ask for help from other people who can help steer your thoughts toward a more positive outlook on life (e.g., family members).

You’re Never Alone

There are times when you’re all alone, and therefore you can never be lonely. You may not always have your friends or family for company, but you always have yourself. You may not find anyone to talk to or confide in on a daily basis.

You may not have anyone to comfort you in difficult times or to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. But even if no one is around, you still have your thoughts and feelings to deal with

Being alone doesn’t mean there’s no one in the world who cares what happens to you. It doesn’t mean that people don’t want to spend time with you or aren’t interested in talking to you. It means that we take a short break from interacting with others to engage with ourselves and our inner selves in a deeper way than we did before taking time away from others.

You’re Amazing!

This phrase can sound a little over the top for some people, but it gives us a sense of being a strong man or a strong woman.

Not everyone in this world has had the perfect life experiences, and while these things don’t define us as people, they do give us the opportunity to choose how we spend those precious moments of our lives.

As it turns out (and from personal experience), most of us have to work so we can afford food and shelter; where else would you be?

This simple reality provides the outline for what makes you who you’re. You’re part of a community with other people, and no matter how much money or fame other people have, none of it matters if you’ve lost sight of your own self-worth and self-confidence.

When we embrace our uniqueness, the world becomes a better place – because then there’s one less person who doesn’t feel good enough or valuable enough.

The most important message is that every person, no matter how great they look on paper (not even a celebrity), is just as flawed as everyone else.

We all want to be loved by others; sometimes that happens on its own, sometimes we’ve to work at it. But either way, it’s worth striving for, because love is one of the greatest gifts in this life – right after unconditional acceptance by ourselves and others when it’s all over.

You Can Motivate Yourself Without Being Mean to Yourself

Most of the time we let ourselves be motivated in ways that are meant to be positive. We tell ourselves things like “You can do it” or “You’re so smart!”.

But sometimes our motivation backfires and we say something useless like “You’ve to do this, you don’t have a choice.”

It’s easy to think that mean-sounding things work better than nice-sounding things because when someone (or even you) is hard on you, you feel like you have to prove them wrong.

You can also motivate yourself in less obvious ways, such as saying the word “anyway” after a negative statement about yourself or repeating self-affirmations from others.

Did You Know the Saying “Practice Makes Perfect”?

Actually, it should be “practice makes perfect.” Because no one ever achieves perfection. And that’s a good thing! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best every day; it just means that if something doesn’t go perfectly today, it doesn’t mean it won’t go perfectly tomorrow.

As long as you’re learning new things every day and working hard at it, you’re doing something right.

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