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30 Instagram Birthday Stories

Posting a happy birthday Instagram story for a loved one can mean more than a birthday cake or a birthday party because an Instagram story can be seen repeatedly.

It might not seem like a big deal, but to some people, it means the world. For example, if you post: “Happy birthday!” and add a personal message, it can mean the world to someone who doesn’t get that kind of attention often.

On top of that, when you post something on your Instagram story for someone’s birthday, it’s like broadcasting their name on social media for everyone to see. So when other people see that post in their feed and comment on it, it’s as if they’re wishing them happy birthday too!

Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

When you think of an Instagram birthday story, you probably think of a photo or video posted exactly on your friend’s birthday. But did you know you can use Instagram Stories on other days, too?

Here are some ideas for using Instagram Stories to celebrate your friends’ birthdays throughout the year:

  1. Post a picture of the two of you doing something fun – maybe a selfie from a party or a shot from their apartment!
  2. Share a video of you dancing, singing karaoke, or performing in another way.
  3. Take a screenshot of one of their Instagram news feeds about their birthday and post it as a picture with text saying how much you love and miss them when they’re not around!
  4. Tell a story about how they’ve always been there for you or supported you in your life.
  5. Tell a story about how they’ve changed over the years and what that means to you.
  6. Tell a story about how you felt when she or he did something especially fun and how it made you feel.
  7. Take a picture of the last time you spent with them and explain why that was so special.
  8. Tell a story about something that happened recently, such as an outing together where you’d have a lot of fun or an inside joke between the two of you that made everyone laugh.
  9. Share a photo of them with friends or family members they love and tell why that person matters to them.
  10. Tell a funny story about that one time they got drunk and said something super embarrassing. Use the hashtag #drunktweet.
  11. Create a collage of all the times they surprised you with their generosity and use the hashtag #generousperson
  12. Take a photo of her or him doing something that shows her or his best qualities (cooking, walking the dog, reading a book) and caption it with those qualities. Use the hashtag #bestqualities
  13. Post a picture of them on the first day of school and include how proud you’re of how far they’ve come since then and how proud you’re to be friends with them today, and use the hashtag #proudfriend
  14. Take a photo of them in front of something that reminds you both of home (a favorite restaurant, a park), and write under the hashtag #togethertertime how much fun you both have when you’re there together
  15. Make a video explaining how your day is going and how excited you’re for your friend’s birthday
  16. Make a video of you singing “Happy Birthday” and add the caption “Happy Birthday” to it
  17. Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for your boyfriend or girlfriend and read them to him or her on video.
  18. Pick a song that reminds you of your friend and sing it on the video as a birthday message for him or her!
  19. Show something he or she gave you that’s special to you.
  20. Share your favorite quote and dedicate it to your birthday boy or girl.

10 Examples of Birthday Messages to Post

Messages are just as important as videos and photos because they’re a way to connect with your audience more personally.

Here are 10 examples of birthday messages you can use for inspiration:

  1. The day you were born was the best day of my life.
  2. Happy birthday to the person who’s worth getting up for every day!
  3. I’m lucky to have someone like you who always knows how to cheer me up and make me laugh when I need it most.
  4. You’re one of the most caring people I know, and your kindness always makes a difference in my life.
  5. When I look at you, I see love, laughter, and sometimes tears because you’re so beautiful! Happy birthday to you!
  6. When we first met, I never thought we’d be celebrating this milestone together today… But now that we do, I realize that everything happens for a reason!
  7. This year has been an incredible year because of YOU, so happy birthday from all of us at work/school/life in general because, without you, none of us would be here today!
  8. Happy birthday, you wonderful person! You deserve all the happiness in the world.
  9. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday!
  10. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet! You’re wonderful, kind, funny, and smart – and we all love you so much!

Dos and Don’ts


  • Make it personal.
  • Use emojis, stickers, and filters to make your post even funnier!
  • Use the hashtag #happybirthday to make sure your friends can see your post.
  • Use filters to brighten up your pictures and make them more cheerful.
  • Be yourself
  • Highlight their accomplishments, what makes them unique and why they’re special to you.


  • Don’t forget to mention the birthday girl in your Instagram story.
  • Also, don’t forget to mention their name in the caption.
  • Use filters that make it look like you’re wearing too much makeup or make your skin look orange.
  • Don’t share anything that could be interpreted as negative, especially if it’s about your friend.
  • Don’t post anything negative or mean about other people, even if they’re not on your list.
  • Don’t post anything too personal to make it public. This includes personal information like your address or phone number, information that identifies you (such as an embarrassing nickname), or details about your relationships with friends and family members (eg: sister, cousin, uncle, parents, etc.).
  • Remember that your loved one’s birthday will be seen by her followers, who may not have a clue about everything you know. A birthday celebration should be a special day, but you don’t want your loved one’s birthday wish to become entertainment news on social media, so be careful what you write in your birthday post.


How Do You Make a Birthday Video With Pictures?

Making a birthday video with pictures is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Collect your pictures. You need at least 20, and the more, the better.
  2. Choose a background song that fits your mood and personality. You can use an online service like ‘Audio Hero’ to find a song that suits you, or you can use something you already have in your music library (make sure you’re allowed to use it!). Instagram also offers additional music if you don’t have time to search for your perfect song.
  3. Open the video editor of your choice. When it opens, click “Import” and select all the photos you want to use for your video from your computer or phone’s photo library. Make sure they’re organized in an album or folder so you can easily find them later!
  4. Once all the files are imported into the app, drag them into an empty timeline on the left side of the screen (the blue area). It’s okay if there are gaps between each image; we’ll fix those in a minute.
  5. Double-click on one of the images to bring up the options menu, and make sure “Loop” is checked under “Playback Options”. This will ensure that your image doesn’t disappear before reappearing later in another image once everything starts. You can also add birthday captions and stickers to remind you that the video is for a birthday celebration.

If you’re having trouble with this, just google “How to make a quick video with photos,” and you’ll find plenty of help!

How Do You Add Your Instagram Story?

You can add an Instagram Story to your Instagram feed by following these steps:

  1. tap the “+” icon at the top of your Instagram app
  2. select “Stories” from the list of options that appears at the bottom right of your screen
  3. select your video from your library, then click “Next” when you’re done
  4. add your message, and don’t forget to add your hashtags
  5. click “Post

There are also ways to decorate your Instagram story. Still, if you’re unfamiliar with making an Instagram birthday story, you should use the basic Instagram story template to get started. Your birthday wishes on the social media platform are more important than the aesthetics of your Instagram story idea.

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