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30 Unique and Engaging Family Photo Prompts to Help You Capture Treasured Memories

Family photos are a great way to document the special authentic moments in your family’s life. The following list of family photography prompts will help you take perfect authentic family photos and give you ideas for new photos.

Use these posing prompts as inspiration for your next family photo session, or get your young kids involved in planning a fun new photo shoot!

30 Family Photo Prompts

  1. The classic family portrait – we all know it, we’ve all done it- is still one of the best ways to capture authentic moments.
  2. The old-fashioned photo shoot – get costumes and props for the younger children and recreate some old-fashioned photos!
  3. A family photo in the rain with everyone smiling.
  4. Take a photo of each family member alone and combine them into one picture.
  5. Have everyone hold up a sign that says something about each person in the family (like “I love my brother” or “I’m proud of my sister”).
  6. Take a photo from above that shows you and your family in the middle of a field, at the beach, on a hike, etc.
  7. A family selfie in front of a mirror
  8. A group selfie where everyone is wearing sunglasses (or funny hats!).
  9. Have everyone hold hands and look at the camera
  10. A group photo with your pets
  11. Take photos while you’re on vacation or going somewhere fun
  12. Take photos at iconic places like the Eiffel Tower or Mount Rushmore.
  13. Take a family photo with a group hug.
  14. A photo where everyone is dressed up as their favorite superheroes or movie characters
  15. A photo together on vacation (with a great backdrop!).
  16. Hit the pool! Even if you don’t have a pool available, you can find a kiddie pool or other water container (but be careful!). This works especially well if you’ve kids or pets who like to be in the water.
  17. Try taking photos in different places – outside, inside, in front of the house, etc.
  18. A photo of you and your kids or grandkids together (with silly expressions on their faces!).
  19. Have everyone wear an outfit that fits their personality or interests (for example, if someone loves music, have them wear headphones!).
  20. Have everyone wear the same color, but in different shades
  21. Father and son or mother and daughter wear the same t-shirt
  22. Take a picture of your family having breakfast together
  23. A snapshot where everyone is doing something different – maybe one person is reading a book while the other is working on the computer, or one child is coloring while the other is playing on the cell phone.
  24. If you live near a body of water/river/ocean/other natural feature that’s easily accessible to photograph (but not too close), try to take some photos there! Waterfalls are wonderful because they’re often so beautiful and photogenic and make a great backdrop!
  25. A family photo with everyone standing on one foot (or one leg).
  26. A family photo where everyone is wearing a hat or other headgear.
  27. Take a photo of all three generations of your family together (grandparents, parents, and young kids).
  28. Ask all family members to make a funny face for the camera.
  29. Pose as famous paintings
  30. A photo of your whole family riding bikes together


There are a few things to remember when planning your family photo session. Planning a family photoshoot can be a lot of fun but can also be stressful and time-consuming. There are a few things you should think about before you get started.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your family photoshoot:

Size and Age of the Family

If you have young children, you should consider how they feel about being photographed. A good photographer can help you capture the spirit of your little ones and make great natural photos. Capturing a young child’s natural smile and real laughs is one of the most challenging things to do, especially if the child is constantly moving.

Location, Location, Location

Think about where you want to take your family photos – indoors or outdoors. What kind of background do you want? Is it important to have a specific landmark in the background?

If you’re planning outdoors, check the weather because even if you’ve chosen the perfect photo spot, it may not turn out as expected.

What Do You Want to Accomplish With the Shoot?

  • Are you looking for portraits for Christmas cards or just something fun for your scrapbook?
  • Do you need help getting everyone together on one day, or would it be better to schedule multiple dates over some time?

How Much Time Should Be Allotted for the Session?

Will there be enough light for good images, or do we need to schedule the shoot for early morning or evening to take advantage of the natural light?

What’re the Best Colors for Family Portrait Photography?

The group size is the first point to consider when choosing clothing for your family portrait. If you have a small group, you can wear solid color clothes that match or complement each other. But if you have a large family, it’s important to vary your outfits. This way, everyone stands out as an individual.

The second point you should consider is whether your family portrait should be serious or funny. If it’s serious, choose classic black and white clothing; this will give your pictures an elegant look that matches the formality of the photo session. If it’s more fun, choose bright colors like red or orange; this will make everyone in the picture stand out, and their real smiles will come out even better than with plain colors.

Think About the Background and Location of Your Photoshoot

If you’re shooting in a studio or other controlled environment, the lighting will likely be consistent throughout the shoot. In this case, it’s easier to coordinate outfits so they look good together – especially if there are multiple people in the photo.

However, if you’re shooting outside, it gets trickier because different types of light affect colors differently. In natural light, blue or black clothes will appear brighter than indoors under fluorescent lights or other artificial light sources. If you’re shooting outdoors on a sunny day or at a window with the sun shining, you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

Photography Tips for Family Portrait Photography With Children

Prepare them well. Prepare your children well before the photo session. Tell them what to wear and what to bring to the photo shoot. Also, tell them you’ll photograph them as a family, and they can enjoy the photo shoot.

  • Start with the toddlers. Let them play around and have fun while you set up the camera. They’ll be less nervous if they don’t have to pose in an uncomfortable position.
  • Make sure all the kids are comfortable with each other before you start the photo shoot. If they don’t get along well, it’ll be hard to take a happy family photo without arguments and tears.
  • The best time to take photos is on weekends or vacations when everyone is together because people will act more naturally instead of hiding because they’re trying to look good for the camera.
  • Try to take photos at different times of the day, such as the early morning or late afternoon, because there will be different lighting conditions that will make your pictures look even better than if they were taken in daylight when your eyes are tired from lack of sleep!

Where to Hang a Family Portrait

When it comes to hanging a family portrait, there are many options.

The traditional way is to frame your family’s favorite picture and hang it on the wall. But if you’re looking for something unique, there are many other options.

  • Use a large mirror or a pane of glass as a backdrop for your portrait. A large mirror or glass panel will reflect the image and make it look like your photo is floating in mid-air. This can be especially effective when combined with another piece of art or decoration already hanging on the wall. If you choose this option, you can easily use a large canvas stretched on the frame of the mirror or glass panel.
  • Another option is to add fairy lights to the edges of your photo and hang it from the ceiling, like an oil painting in an art gallery. This gives an elegant look that will look great in any room of your house, as long as you’ve enough space to hang it!

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