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Keynote Speaking & Event Organisation

I’m a keynote speaker and presenter, so my goal is to share brilliant ideas in an engaging way. I like sharing stories about my life that are relevant for the audience and illustrating them with pictures from social media, film projects I’ve done over the years or memorable moments when companies have asked me to speak at their events – it’s always fun getting these requests!


I think of myself as one-part educator (sharing knowledge), two parts storyteller (telling interesting tales) and three parts entertainer/entertainment director who sets up interactive experiences during speeches.

  • I spend most of my time writing about creativity tips based on proven scientific research. In my speeches, I share the best strategies I have found for building good creative flow, breaking creative blocks, and improving personal productivity that you can use to be more productive in your everyday life.
  • I love storytelling, and I’ve directed dozens of creative films about people who have transformed their lives and maximized their potential, often for the benefit of humanity. My keynote speeches are filled with engaging stories from my film productions as well!
  • I have a knack for simplifying complicated topics so they become practical and useful. In each talk, I will take on the science of creative flow, storytelling and high-level personal productivity in an engaging manner that audiences can understand and use because it is not too deep or difficult to comprehend.
  • As a storyteller and filmmaker, I’ve had my ideas tested by millions of people. My films are watched all over the world, and more than 38,000 students learning creativity, productivity, and storytelling with me through online classes offered on Udemy. Thousands follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and via my Newsletter. My passion is helping others push themselves creatively in order to become better thinkers, innovators, makers and doers.
  • I teach ideas that I have tried myself. My experiences as a writer, filmmaker, and archer inspire my teaching practices in numerous ways: they infuse all of my work with creative energy; they influence how much time I spend on daily activities; and they shape which stories from other authors’ grip me because they embody strengths like resilience or courage.

Keynote Speaker & Event Organisation Request Form

I am available for keynote speaking engagements around the world. Interested in hiring me for your event? Or for Brilliantio to help stage your online event? Please fill out the form below to start the conversation.

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